Clanscape and Midgies at Ben Lomond


Had a terrific day playing music at Ardess Lodge at the foot of Ben Lomond. The rain stayed away and the midges didnt…..guess whose under the midgie nets? The speedy up midgie was there too in all his glory, so we rattled our way through our tunes. Second time round we were in the groove. Thanks to everyone at Ardess for their warm and welcoming hospitality… may regret this….. there’s a strong chance we will be back….watch this space….





8 Responses to “Clanscape and Midgies at Ben Lomond”

  1. Frances Says:

    Despite the midgies you look as if you are having a good time!!!
    As usual!!!!!
    So soooooooory to have missed this gig!!! I would have loved it midgies and all but I was collecting New Zealand relatives at the airport. Hope we do it next year,

  2. neilbeck Says:

    Yes, indeed Francis it turned out to be a fantastic day as usual, missed you, great wee place and educational as well, I really enjoyed it. I got stung for a candle holder though, £3.50 for a lump of firewood which I’m not happy about.

    There was indeed a few wee pests about as expected who were annoying at times but didn’t manage to affect the overall enjoyment.

    And yes there was some midges as well as you mentioned, but the hats (and Craigs legs) managed to keep most of them at bay!

  3. neilbeck Says:

    Hey…Ive just looked at those those photos, question…2nd photo, am I the only one playing the tune for the visitors (multitute of), check you lot out, bunch of posers, cant get enough of the camera!

  4. alanstor Says:

    WIMPS !!!!

  5. neilbeck Says:

    acronym (WIMPS) – woefully inadequate midge repellent system.

  6. neilbeck Says:

    Sorry, woefully inadequate midge protection system

  7. Ali2 Says:

    The band has been renamed and shall now be known as itchy scratchy noises

    • Carol Armour Says:

      Good one, Alison!! Disappointed to miss this one, on holiday. Glad to hear it went well and you all had a good day out. Hope to see you in October for the Thursday Dram.

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