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Clanscape Event, Ben Lomond

September 10, 2017

A great day out playing music in a very scenic location at ancient skills event at foot of Ben Lomond on Saturday, lots of fun.  We received very positive feedback about our playing. The pics tell the story – enjoy.

view from our gazebo

Our new conductor

The scratchers

Peppy’s new friend

Sword dancing to our music!

Another new friend for Peppy

The Scratchy gang

Our beautiful Loch Lomond


Ham and Jam 30th September

September 8, 2017

11am c45mins  music at Jam and Ham event, Carluke. Taking names now small group of folk who are confident to play on stage please.  Email if interested.  Davie, Dave, Sandra, Valerie,Ian, Mel, Frances, Neil, Janice.  Wait list now in operation.

We are the picture from last year in the local paper….looking good John.


Draft play list tbc – may be more sharing of intros if others join us.  May organise a practice.  We can possibly share some transport.

play-list-for-jam and ham 2017

Ham&JamSet – this is the Smallpipers set for those who are joining in with that.

ham and jam venue


4th September Practice Fun

September 5, 2017

Good wee session last night.  Looking forward to meeting some more people in future sessions.  All welcome.


Invite to Play Along

August 18, 2017

Hi All,

Some of the mixed instrument group are having a play along 27th August in Dram 2-5pm and Scratchers invited to join in.

Disclaimer – not an official scratchy event and I am away on hol so can’t take questions.

Play list below plus some of the music – you might need to find a few tunes yourself if you go along.  David Fernandez (one of our whistle players in scratchy) has contact with the group and may be able to answer your questions.

DRAM August 2017

The Trip To Pakistan_Waiting For The Federals_



Scratchy Noises AGM August 2017

August 7, 2017


Funds £1406.12.

Vote to continue for another year.

Stevie Niell stepping down. Ian drum to join committee.

Poss try to find alt venues in case needed. Any researched suggestions welcome.

Thursday will try to pre-book Dram.

Music – tidy stray stuff before getting new.

Gazebo to be researched.

Another workshop to improve some sets.

Possibly save some copies of up to date music books in college – would need a volunteer to keep this up to date.

Events – poss gig at care home, supermarket, east end –  people  need to check these out, NTS, With the Ukes.

Gigs and workshops 2016/17. Apologies for fuzzy photo this is sharpest I could get.







9th July – Invite to Play Along/Session

June 27, 2017

Hi All,
Andrew who joined us to play at the church in Carluke is hosting a play along on 9th July starting circa 2pm.  Turn up any time after 1pm.

Working on some dances – here is the list ceilidhDances .  I’ve also uploaded a copy of Sleep Soond as it got truncated on my printout.  You may have a better match that you want to bring some copies of. Sorry I do not have time to search for but sure we can share on the day if need be.  Thereafter some general playing/session type things going on.  Food and drink will be available.

2 Sharnotshields ML29PH

Email Andrew direct if you want to confirm if you are going or ask questions/have problems with doc etc – don’t comment here or email me – I might not have internet access  –


Hope to see some of you there.

Men’s 10k and Scratchy Noises 7th Birthday

June 18, 2017

Grand morning out at Glasgow Green playing for 1000’s of runners.  Loved how many had time for a jig, wave or thumbs up.  Well done the runners and players.

Finished off with the usual champagne (appletise) and cake.

Muirhead Gala Day

June 17, 2017

Groovy day out playing at Mason’s hall with Grand Master Neil then bowling club.

Muirhead Gala Day and Men’s 10k 2017

May 24, 2017

Hello All,


Room for a couple more melody players to play in a small group at Muirhead Gala day 17th June 2017 roughly 11-4.  Who is in?  Neil, Valerie, Davie, Dave, Mel, Frans

Meet at the Mason’s Hall, Lindsaybeg Road 11am.

Bus x3, x37, x39 from Buchanan street bus station stop right next to the park where the gala is and takes about 10-15 mins from buchanan street.

Bring the playlist linked on this post

We can decide who does intros etc on the day so if you have any favourites you want to do we can share them out.

Should be done by 5.  Hang about for a drink with us if you wish.

Also Men’s 10k 18th June roughly 10-12 – all welcome for this one any instrument mix, any experience.  Welcome to just turn up last minute.  Who’s in? Davie, Valerie, Frances, Dave, Mel

Meet roughly as marked below ready to play c1000 or 0915 to help set up.  Bring pegs – if dry and not windy we will play al fresco.  If not will pitch tent nearby. Playlist subset of above from Gala day.

Please email me if you are interested/need more info.

Good Practice Today

April 29, 2017

Polished up a few tunes.  Tried a wee french reel.

Only got pics of the monkey’s tea party.

Thank you all for your patience and tolerance.