Forthcoming Practice Dates

September 22, 2013 by

Babbity Bowster, Glasgow

Mondays outwith GFW term dates (see below) upstairs at  7-9pm.  £1. Parking on the street is usually free after 6pm.  Babbitys booked for  17 October, 7-9pm.   Mondays when GFW classes take place we will be meeting at John Wheatley East End Campus, 2 Haghill Road, G31 3SR.  For GFW class schedule see

The Dram, Woodlands Road, Glasgow,  Thursday practice roughly once a month. Next date 20 October at Dram Fire Place 7-9pm.  £1 The £1 goes towards subsidising tutors for the group from time to time. Not sure if this is for you?  Comment below, contact the committee, or just turn, up.

Forthcoming Events  

29 October 2017 Workshop More info coming soon

20 November – Christmas Fair, Greenbank House. More info soon.

27th January 2017 – Blawarthill Burns Supper

17th June 2017  date tbc Invited back to Muirhead Gala Day poss 3rd Sat in June.

18th June 2017 Men’s 10k and Scratchy Noises 7th birthday.

More coming soon.

If you want to organise another practice or event and advertise it here  let us know.


Workshop 29th October

October 9, 2016 by

Hello All,

We are having a workshop on 29th October at Blawarthill Church Hall


Practicing existing tunes, some with dancing.

Informal and there will be some breaks in proceedings as we ‘demonstrate’ dances and laugh with each other.

We will supply tea, coffee, biscuits and it will be bring your own piece/bring some crisps or other snacks for sharing.

Cost? £1.

More details to follow but please let me know if you want to book a space

Who is in? Valerie, Davie, Stevie, Frances, Sandra, Mel, Mitchell, Ali E, Carolyn M, Catherine, John L, Carol, Alastair, Neil, John S,  Allan S, Alison Sch, Ian Drum, Brian,

Draft Plan v0.1


  1. Gay Gordons

    1. Headlands/Barren Rocks of Aden
    2. Barnyards o Dalgety/Scotland the Brave
    3. A Man’s a Man/Reel of Tullochgorm
    4. Ian Powries Compliments/Flett from Flotta
    5. Angus MacLeod/Teribus/Hopeful Lover
  2. Dashing White Sargeant

    1. Dashing White Sargeant/Colgrave/Spootiskerry/DWS
    2. Flowers of Edinburgh/Soldiers Joy (poss reuse DWS)
    3. Back o Bennachie/Jumping Geordie (poss reuse DWS)
  3. St. Bernards Waltz

    1. Leaving Lismore/Rope Waltz
    2. Farquar and Hettie/Elsey
    3. Stronsay Waltz
  4. Canadian Barn Dance

    1. Boys of Bluehill/Harvest Home
    2. Crossing the Minch
  5. Swedish Masquerade

  6. Polka – John Cliffords/Little Diamond

  7. Virginia Reel – Set includes Yellow Rose of Texas


We will try to have the words available on the day.

  1. Lea rig 3 times straight through
  2. Afton Water 6 times straight thru or can cut a couple of verses
  3. Green Grow the Rashes – 5 times straight through
  4. Ye Banks and Braes – can do 3 times if tell audience first or middle is instrumental
  5. Ca’ the Yowes

Other Tunes to Practice if time allows

  1. Father Angus McDonnell/Braes of Dunvegan
  2. Fairy Dance/Diel Among the Tailors
  3. Other tunes we think we are ‘good’ at – try taping and critique – try count ins and two folk doing intro.

(Cool acronym – Critique Recording And Playback – CRAP ! Sorry couldn’t resist Dave)


Ham and Jam 1st October – Report

October 9, 2016 by

We had a great day out at Ham and Jam playing some traditional tunes.

Lovely sunny day, lovely bacon rolls, friendly folk.image


We are invited back next year and also to take part in some other events.

Quiz 4th November Anyone?

September 21, 2016 by

Anyone fancy a wee night out at the Muirhead Gala Day Quiz?

4th November 7pm.  Cheap drink, pieces and nibbles.

Buses run back to city centre take about 15 mins.

Scratchy Noises Team/s?


Ham and Jam 1st October

September 20, 2016 by

Hello All,


Looking for some volunteers who are happy to play on a stage for Jam and Ham 2016

There are various things on we can enjoy when not playing.  We will be on stage 1-2pm and rolls and sausage and coffee will be provided.

More details here ham-and-jam-more-details

Here is an updated playlist carluke

Volunteers so far:  John L, Catherine, Neil, David, Valerie, Brian, Mel.

Any questions please ask

Clanscape, Ben Lomond

September 12, 2016 by

We played music at the foot of Ben Lomond on the West Highland Way treating walkers and joggers to our very own brand of traditional music which included the wasp dance, a form of highland fling with a lot of bow flicking.  A variety of ancient skills were demonstrated at the event, with our favourite being home made oatcakes, and broth cooked on the fire at Ardess Lodge, and then scoffed by us! Thanks to Alasdair and the team at Ardess for their kindness and hospitality in particular putting up and taking down the gazebo, which was done in a flash, it was much appreciated. Enjoy the pics below, we had lots of fun. And yes, we all fell for Peppy, the wee cockapoo pictured below. And we raised £40 in donations which will go towards footpath repairs at Ben Lomond.






Proposed New Tunes

August 28, 2016 by


We tried some of these tunes at our event on Saturday and hoping to add them to the list in a few weeks to give those who want to practice themselves time to do so. The music can currently be found in the booklet from the event and most of the tunes are readily found on YouTube etc.


We don’t usually add a load of new tunes so don’t worry – we will try to play them slowly first few times and leave adding many more new tunes until early 2017.


Wee Gathering

August 27, 2016 by

Fun day today.  Loads of friends, loads of tune, well looked after by staff at Dram.

We sent off a donation to Nigel Gatherer.

Thanks to all who came along and helped make the day so great.image image

AGM Mon 22nd August 615pm Babbity Bowster

August 20, 2016 by


Annual Review


We also played a gig on 19th August in the Bull Inn Paisley.

Finances – £1250 balance.  See Money Matters link on right for details.

Planned expenditure – gazebo, projector, hall hire for dance playing practice and testing PA gear, tutored session, wee shaky things, donation to N Gatherer music site.  This money belongs to the group so any suggestions please let the committee know.

Vote to continue group for another year or not – unanimous to run for further year

Committee ‘election’ – re – elected – other members willing to take ad hoc tasks

Practice Venues and Dates – Mon at College and Babbity’s outwith term time, Dram thur once a month, sometimes ad hoc at members houses.  No plans to change at present.

27th August event

Lead tunes – Valerie, Alison, Stevie

Raffle – Alison

Tech – Davie

Breaks – Stevie

Looking for a few more volunteers for 11th September event Near Ben Lomond.

Music book and sets

Still need to tidy tunes, chords, web page.  Davie, Stevie to chat re chords and arrange updates with Niel.  Davie will archive old tunes.  Davie will ask Niel of can share the workload of tune uploads.

New tunes feel free to suggest ideally as  sets and we will put on a wait list of tunes but be aware we do not bulk add tunes as we have some homework to do first on existing tunes.


Suggestion to play at Erskine again.  Stevie will investigate.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the group going.

Pub Night

August 19, 2016 by

Played at the Bull Inn Paisley tonight.



Greenbank – 40th Anniversary Event

August 6, 2016 by


A good wee day playing at Greenbank today. Our music was received well and even when we speeded up we all managed to play together. Enjoyed the pipe band and dancers too. Shame the rain came through in the end but I think a good day was had by all despite it. Thanks to Gb staff who looked after us, sandwiches and choc brownies were great.