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September 22, 2013 by

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Join Our Informal Practices


When the college term is on we meet at Glasgow Kelvin College Monday’s c730-930pm (there is a slow session c645-730pm)

When college holidays are on we meet at Babbity Bowster Monday nights  7-9pm. So far dates booked are –  24 June, 1,8,15,22,29 July, 5,12,19 August.


Once a month at Carol’s brother’s house West End, 7-9. Next practice to be arranged. Please contact for address if you don’t know where it is and to let her know if you will be going along.

Sign up for a Performance or Event

15th June 2019 – Muirhead Gala Day – see post below.

16th June 2019 AM Men’s 10k the official and only band on the route and Scratchy Noises 9th Birthday.  See post below.

Late Summer 2019 ish…Will be adding another date soon for a workshop which will include a tutor led session.

21st September 2019 We have been asked to do Ham and Jam again.


If you want to organise another practice or event and advertise it here let us know.




Chryston and Muirhead Gala Day Sat 15th June

June 5, 2019 by


Masons Hall and the Bowling Club want us to do some tunes.

c1130-1200 or 1230 at Masons.

The procession is 1240-1310 so we will not play during that time.  Take a look at the parade or eat cake.

If we did a short set earlier we might do another set at the Masons c1345-1430 then play later at Bowling Club maybe 1515-1600.

Time for tea, cakes, sack race etc in between as we see fit.  I will see if I get hold of both venues to firm up times.

Suitably vague will update asap but lets open the bidding on who might play on the day with David, Valerie, Frances, Mel, Allan, Ian, Neil.

Play List for Muirhead Gala Day June 2019

The committee have booked out the bowling club for right after the gala day to catch up for a few well earned beers and some background music, including volunteers. We are invited to join them.


Highgate Care Home Uddingston Gig, Sunday 2 June 2019

June 2, 2019 by

Message from Mel

Successful gig today at Highgate Care Home. Thanks to all who turned up and played in the heat!  I believe everyone enjoyed the show, including the staff who were very welcoming.

Men’s 10k and Scratchy Noises 9th Birthday

June 2, 2019 by

Looking for some players for 16th June c1000-1145 for Men’s 10k at Glasgow Green. Cake and shampagne after.

The organiser has been in touch saying they had great feedback about us.  We are the only band allowed to play at the event.

We will be there about 915-930 to put tent up if required.  Players needed for about 1000 first runner may be passing circa 1020.

Same location as last year near the multicoloured olympic ring type sculpture.  See music symbol on map below.

To make it easier we will stick with a shorter playlist of well known tunes in a loop:

Calums Road/Hut on Staffin Island

Willafjord/High Road to Linton


Colgrave Sound/Spootiskerry

Boys of Bluehill/Harvest Home


Scarce of Tatties/Stool of Repentance

Angus McLeod/Teribus/Hopeful Lover

Britches Fu o Stitches/Egan’s Polka

Names to please.

Who is in? Davie, Valerie, Ian, Mel, Frances, Christine….

Loch 27 Quiz?

May 22, 2019 by

Hi, I was wondering if anyone would possibly like to pop along one Tue evening to take on this quiz and Fiona Cutlhill’s all conquering team of academic superstars. I’ll find out when she is likely to be there. Its a nice spot  when the sun is out alongsise the canal for perhaps a drink or something to eat too. Would prob need a team of 5 or more.

Intellectual superhero’s only need apply. 😁 (thats me oot!)




April 27, 2019 by

Just a wee story to go with our tune.

Successful workshop?

April 1, 2019 by

Hello All,

Hope you all got something put of Sunday’s workshop.  If not please shout as what works better and if there is demand we will try to accomodate.

Tunes we did not get around to but will do at next workshop:

Set 77

2nd Part of O’Kane’s March

Border Strathspey

Nancy Taylor’s Reel

Set 81

The Forth Bridge

I think that will cover them all…but if anyone spots any other tunes in any of the 6 books we have not tried ever yet please shout and we will add them on.

Plenty of choice for now?

Long Weekend

February 23, 2019 by

Hello All,

So seems a few interested in possible long weekend in Tain for walks, tunes, food….space avail for more and if more want to join may need to find local B&B but do ask – maybe Dave F will be willing to share……

Mel and Dot

Maureen and Bill

Valerie and Davie

Dave F

Main house 4 singles, 3 doubles:

Rough Timetable

Fri Eve


Session – stop by 1000

Sat and Sun – we can swap happenings to time walks depending on best weather window

Morning – session

PM – walk

Evening meal


Tidy out

Last walk or lunch (or even brunch/brekkie) in pub depending on weather?

Maybe we can find a back room or quiet pub to play in one evening.  Any offers to research that?  Also could eat there first or after some tunes?  Maybe there is a quiz or live music (not us) on somewhere?

Any offers to cook a meal welcome.

We can bring some snacks and cereal etc maybe put a little in a kitty for food?



Practice – 31st March

February 20, 2019 by


Blawarthill Church Hall, 33 Kinstone Avenue, Glasgow, G14 0EB

No official cost but if people want to donate to the foodbank affiliated with the church we will put a tin out for cash contributions and a box for food and such like. Here is a list of what they need:

Playing from the 6 books linked here:

For new or nearly tunes we will focus on:

Book 4

Set 81 – All 3 tunes. Ear learners here is your homework – Left Handed Fiddler tutorial video we will aim for the middle speed.

Set 79 – The Lovat Scouts – focus on the variation.

We may also try set 77 and revisit some other tunes in book 4.

After the break we will let loose on some other tunes and the old favourites chosen from the books.

All welcome.  Pace slow to moderate with accidental gale force forecast later…

Interested – Frances, Tom F, Valerie, Davie, Mel, George, Allan, Maureen, Neil, Alison, Al,Carol, Dave, Des, Mitchell, Dad, Christine, Sandra.

No need to book but useful to know if coming for numbers so feel free to email me if you want to come.

The Rowantree Uddingston 15th February

February 12, 2019 by


We have been asked to cover a slot at the Rowantree, Uddingston on 15th Feb c730-830pm

Probably up to around 8 people is fine – who can do this?  George, Janice, Mel, John S, Valerie, Ian, Davie (?)….anyone else want to join in?

Suggest we just play better known tunes from our list – including the Rowantree of course – pick list for Rowantree Feb 2019




Fun Practice Down at Babbities

February 11, 2019 by

Had a fun practice tonight.

Here is a wee random recording of a slow version of ‘Time for a Tunnock’s’ written by Nigel Gatherer.  Not the best version but gives an idea of how it goes…