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Last Updated by Valerie McCutcheon on 10th March  2018

Updated by Neil Beck, David Strachan and Valerie McCutcheon

Sratchy-Noises-Tune-List 11-03-18

Scratchy-Noises-Set-List 09-03-18








SN Set Book 1 — (24-01-17)

SN Set Book 2 — (30-04-17)

SN Set Book 3 — (18-02-18)


Tunes Played on Their Own Book 1

More books coming soon as still a few on our list for next housekeeping session.

Individual tunes are available from here

Once all the tunes are updated the next new batch can be considered but as there are so many tunes we can’t do them all and we want to spend time improving the chords we have on these versions and practicing what we have so pleade be patient for yet more new tunes.

Suggestions include:

Tunes from GFW slow sessions

Tennessee Waltz

I’ll Fly Away and Sonny’s Dream




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