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Sets are in books 1-5 below….book 6 is being prepared and will be available soon.


SN Set Book 1 — (13-11-21) Sets 1-22

SN Set Book 2 — (20-11-21) Sets 23-43

Harmonies for set 27 farquar and hettie’s with harmony

SN Set Book 3 — (5-12-21) Sets 44-61

SN Set Book 4 — (11-12-21) Sets 62-83

SN Set Book 5 — (16-1-22) Sets 84-108

SN Set Book 6 — (26-12-22) Sets 109-125

Harmony for set 64 Reel de Enclaes 163a_-reel-des-enclaes-harmony-03-05-17

Sets (from September 2020)

Set 10 calum’s road_new version

Set 84 Gordon Duncan

Set 85 robertson’s reel

Set 86 farley bridge

Set 87 kenny gillies of Portnalong

Set 88 Mary Scott, Flower of Yarrow

Set 89 Road to Banff

Set 90 douce pluie

Set 91 Blarney Pilgrim

Set 92 Flower of the Quern

Set 93 Lord Lovat and Meeting of the Waters

Set 94 Montanyes del Canigo

Set 95 Circassian Circle

Set 96 Russian Tea

Set 97 Radetzky March

Set 98 love o’ da isles

Set 99 Nameless Lassie

Set 100 Ceud Mile Failte

Set 101 Vienna City of Dreams

Set 102 Rachael Young of Upper Porterbelly

Set 103 Slow Air and Rag

Set 104 Burns

Set 105 My Cape Breton Home

Set 106 – Northumberland Set

Other Tune Resources

Complete set of tunes we have played with Glasgow Smallpipers.  These are gradually being numbered and will soon all be in the books listed above.  Ham&JamSet

There is one more tune to be added to Galician March set: Galician Jig

Harmonies for the Ham & Jam set are here hamjamset_harmony

With thanks to Borders Reel and Strathspey Society who gave permission for some of their materials to be reused by us.  We also got express permission from the composer, Irene McLaren, for the use of the harmonies in the traditional gaelic waltz set.

Here is a simple playlist of well know tunes we sometimes use for outdoor performances:

simple playlist


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