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Last updated on 30th April 2020

Click on the images below to get the tune books.

SN Book 1 Front Page JPEG
Book 1 (24-01-17)

SN Book 2 Front Page JPEG
Book 2 (30-04-17)

SN Book 3 Front Page JPEG
Book 3 (18-02-18)

SN Book 4 Front Page JPEG
Book 4 (10-12-18)

Harmonies for set 27 farquar and hettie’s with harmony

Harmony for set 64 Reel de Enclaes 163a_-reel-des-enclaes-harmony-03-05-17

Single Tunes Rough and Ready Version  Single Tunes Jan 2020

With thanks to Borders Reel and Strathspey Society who gave permission for some of their materials to be reused by us.  We also got express permission from the composer for the use of the harmonies in the traditional gaelic set of waltzes.

Here are the tunes we have been playing with Glasgow Smallpipers.  These are not on the pick list for our practices but if you like them we could do the usual and go through them at a seperate practice before adding them in.


There is one more tune to be added to Galician March set: Galician Jig

Harmonies for the Ham & Jam set are here hamjamset_harmony

Here is a simple playlist we sometimes use for outdoor performances:

simple playlist

Waitlist Ideas for next tunes:

Tenessee Waltz (D?)

I’ll Fly Away

Wild Mountain Thyme (D)

Beautiful Sunday

Glen Ogle

Tunes still to be put in a set:

Sailors Wife

My Cape Breton Home

Stirling Castle

Highland Harry

Tunes from GFW – some examples include Josefine’s Waltz

If you notice any missing tunes we used to play and you love them please let us know so we can add them in.

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