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Set List  Scratchy-Noises-Set-List 09-03-18

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Set 1_Glenside 1 – Glenside 2

Set 2_Barnyards o’ Dalgety – Scotland the Brave

Set 3_Britches Fu o Stiches – Egan’s Polka

Set 4_Fear a Phige – Oovie Avie

Set 5_Rocking the Baby – Scarce o’ Tatties – Stool of Repentance

Set 6_Spootiskerry – Willafjord – High Rd to Linton

Set 7_Boys of Bluehill – Harvest Home

Set 8_Flowers of Edinburgh – Soldier’s Joy

Set 9_Thistle of Scotland – Stronsay Wedding

Set 10_Calum’s Rd – The Hut on Staffin Island

Set 11_Midnight on the Water – Margarets Waltz

Set 12_Ale is Dear – Wind that shakes the Barley – Ale is Dear

Set 13_Colgrave Sound – Spoot o’Skerry

Set 14_Headlands – Barren Rocks of Aden

Set 15_Navy on the Line – Trumpet Hornpipe

Set 16_Whistle O’er – Grant’s Rant

Set 17_A Man’s a Man – Reel of Tullochgorum

Set 18_Highlanders Revenge – We’re no Awa to Bideawa

Set 19_Ian Powrie – Flett from Flotta

Set 20_The Muckin o’ Geordie’s Byre – Kenmure Up and Awa

Set 21_Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside – Staten Island

Set 22_Leaving Lismore – Rope Waltz

Set 23_John Cliffords – Little Diamond

Set 24_Peat Fire Flame – Island Dance – Tail Toddle

Set 25_The Highland Brigade – Lochanside

Set 26_The High Drive – Jenny Dang The Weaver

Set 27_Farquar and Hettie – Elsey’s Waltz

Set 28_Fairy Dance – Deil Among the Tailors

Set 29_Father John MacMillan – Helen MacDonald

Set 30_Tongadale – Sleep Sound – Brenda Stubberts

Set 31_Father Angus MacDonnell – Braes of Dunvegan

Set 32_Lovely Stornoway – Rope Waltz

Set 33_Barrowburn Reel – Mason’s Apron

Set 34_Morag of Dunvegan – Skye Boat Song

Set 35_Salt Fish and Dumplings – Mrs MacLeod of Raasay

Set 36_The Eavesdropper – Drummond Castle

Set 37_High Road to Linton – Brenda Stubberts

Set 38_Loch Lommond – Bonny Lass of Fyvie – Mairi’s Wedding

Set 39_Milltimber Jig – Jimmy Wards Jig

Set 40_Arran Boat – Dark Island – Leaving Lismore

Set 41_Stan Chapmans – The Sheperd’s Wife

Set 42_Biserka – Hai Zumba – Gori More

Set 43_Highland Whisky – Ronnie and Chrissie

Set 44_Hoch He – Lord Drummond – Twisted Bridge – Brenda Stubberts

Set 45_John Anderson my Jo – Ae Fond Kiss

Set 46_Back o Benachie – Jumping Geordie

Set 47_Jig of Slurs – Atholl Highlanders

Set 48_Bulgarian Red – Mary MacLeods Snuff-mull

Set 49_Dashing White Sergeant – Rakes of Mallow

Set 50_Diels Awa – Dingle Regatta

Set 51_Linagun – The Muckin o Geordies Byre

Set 52_Lads of Dunse – Scratchy Jig

Set 53_Turn Under Lea – Shakin’s a’ da Barley

Set 54_Rakes of Glasgow – Rutherglen Rd

Set 55_Time for a Tunnock’s – Scratchy Noises Polka

Set 56_Frosty Morning – Eighth of January – Little Liza Jane

Set 57_Angus McLeod – Terribus – Hopeful Lover

Set 58_Ca’ the Ewes – Tradition Gaelic Air

Set 59_Waiting for the Federals – Booth Shot Lincoln

Set 60_I Bhi Ada – I would Travel

Set 61_ Kate Martin’s Waltz – Louis Waltz


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