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Index of Individual Tunes here

Index of Individual Tunes here: Sratchy-Noises-Tune-List 26-12-22

Note: the tunes have been renumbered to fall in line with the new set books (14/05/22)

The Music for the tunes that we play are available to download below…

1Glenside No.1(See Book 1)
2Glenside No.2(See Book 1)
3Barnyards o Dalgetty(See Book 1)
4Scotland the Brave(See Book 1)
5Britches Fu O Stitches(See Book 1)
6Egan’s Polka(See Book 1)
7Fear a Phige(See Book 1)
8Oovie Avie(See Book 1)
9Rocking the Baby(See Book 1)
10Scarce O Tatties(See Book 1)
11Stool of Repentance, The(See Book 1)
12Spootiskerry(See Book 1)
13Willafjord(See Book 1)
14High Road to Linton, The(See Book 1)
15Boys of Bluehill, The(See Book 1)
16Harvest Home(See Book 1)
17Flowers of Edinburgh, The(See Book 1)
18Soldier’s Joy(See Book 1)
19Thistle of Scotland, The(See Book 1)
20Stronsay Wedding(See Book 1)
21Calum’s Road(See Book 1)
22Midnight on the Water(See Book 1)
23Margarets Waltz(See Book 1)
24Ale is Dear, The(See Book 1)
25Wind That Shakes The Barley, The(See Book 1)
26Colgrave Sound(See Book 1)
27Headlands, The(See Book 1)
28Barren Rocks of Aden, The(See Book 1)
29Navvy on the Line(See Book 1)
30Trumpet Hornpipe(See Book 1)
31Whistle O’er the Lave O’t(See Book 1)
32Grant’s Rant(See Book 1)
33A Man’s a Man for a’ That(See Book 1)
34Reel of Tulllochgorum, The(See Book 1)
35We’re no Awa to Bideawa(See Book 1)
36Flett from Flotta(See Book 1)
37The Muckin o’ Geordie’s Byre(See Book 1)
38Kenmure’s On and Awa(See Book 1)
39Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside, The(See Book 1)
40Staten Island(See Book 1)
41Leaving Lismore(See Book 1)
42Rope Waltz, The(See Book 1)
43John Cliffords No.1(See Book 2)
44Little Diamond(See Book 2)
45Peat Fire Flame(See Book 2)
46Island Dance(See Book 2)
47Tail Toddle(See Book 2)
48The Highland Brigade at Magarsfontien(See Book 2)
49Lochanside(See Book 2)
50Jenny Dang The Weaver(See Book 2)
51Elsey’s Waltz(See Book 2)
52The Fairy Dance(See Book 2)
53Deil Amang The Tailors(See Book 2)
54Helen MacDonald(See Book 2)
55Sleep Sound in the Morning(See Book 2)
56Braes of Dunvegan(See Book 2)
57Lovely Stornoway(See Book 2)
58Masons Apron(See Book 2)
59Morag of Dunvegan(See Book 2)
60Skye Boat Song, The(See Book 2)
61Salt Fish & Dumplings(See Book 2)
62Mrs McLeod of Raasay(See Book 2)
63The Eavesdropper(See Book 2)
64Drummond Castle(See Book 2)
65Loch Lomond(See Book 2)
66Bonnie Lass of Fyvie, The(See Book 2)
67Mairi’s Wedding(See Book 2)
68Milltimber Jig(See Book 2)
69Jimmy Ward’s Jig(See Book 2)
70Arran Boat Song, The(See Book 2)
70aArran Boat Song, The (Harmony)(See Book 2)
71Dark Island(See Book 2)
72Stan Chapmans Jig(See Book 2)
73Shepherd’s Wife, The(See Book 2)
74Biserka (Pearl)(See Book 2)
75Hai Zumba Zai(See Book 2)
76Gori More (The Sea is on Fire)(See Book 2)
77Highland Whisky(See Book 2)
78Ronnie and Chrissie(See Book 2)
79Hoch Hey Johnny Lad(See Book 2)
80Lord Drummond(See Book 3)
81Twisted Bridge(See Book 3)
82John Anderson, My Jo(See Book 3)
83Ae Fond Kiss(See Book 3)
84Back o Benachie, The(See Book 3)
85Jumping Geordie(See Book 3)
86Jig of Slurs, The(See Book 3)
87Atholl Highlanders(See Book 3)
88Bulgarian Red(See Book 3)
89Mary Macleod’s Snuff-mull(See Book 3)
90Dashing White Sergeant (Original)(See Book 3)
91Rakes of Mallow(See Book 3)
92Diel’s Awa I the Exciseman(See Book 3)
93Dingle Regatta(See Book 3)
94Lisnagun(See Book 3)
95Lads of Dunse(See Book 3)
96The Scratchy Jig(See Book 3)
97Turn Under Lea(See Book 3)
98Shakin’ s a’ da Barley(See Book 3)
99The Rakes of Glasgow(See Book 3)
100Rutherglen Road(See Book 3)
101Time for a Tunnock’s(See Book 3)
102The Scratchy Noises Polka(See Book 3)
103Frosty Morning(See Book 3)
104Eighth of January(See Book 3)
105Little Liza Jane(See Book 3)
106Angus MacLeod(See Book 3)
107Teribus(See Book 3)
108Hopeful Lover, The(See Book 3)
109Ca’ the Ewes to the Knowes(See Book 3)
110Traditional Gaelic Air(See Book 3)
111Waiting For The Federals(See Book 3)
112Booth Shot Lincoln(See Book 3)
113I Bhi Ada(See Book 3)
114I Would Travel(See Book 3)
115Kate Martin’s Waltz(See Book 3)
115aKate Martin’s Waltz (Harmony)(See Book 3)
116Louis Waltz(See Book 3)
117Off to California(See Book 4)
118Sligo Fancy, The(See Book 4)
119Garoun (Springtime)(See Book 4)
120Guhneega (Woman)(See Book 4)
121Reel Des Enlaces(See Book 4)
121aReel Des Enlaces (Harmony)(See Book 4)
122On the Wings of a Skorie(See Book 4)
123Waltz of the Little Girls(See Book 4)
124Stronsay Waltz(See Book 4)
125O Suzanna(See Book 4)
126Camptown Races(See Book 4)
127Golded Slippers(See Book 4)
128Yellow Rose of Texas(See Book 4)
129Pasucais D’Amieva(See Book 4)
130Pasucais De Xuan Martin(See Book 4)
131Muneira Carcarosa(See Book 4)
132Alexandra Park(See Book 4)
133Queen Margaret Drive(See Book 4)
134You’re Welcome to Inverness(See Book 4)
135Setting a Course for Lewis(See Book 4)
136Sister Elder’s Reel(See Book 4)
137Claverhouse Reel(See Book 4)
138Lucky Scaup(See Book 4)
139Old Polka, The(See Book 4)
140Mirlands(See Book 4)
141Peter Pratt Polka(See Book 4)
142Conundrum, The(See Book 4)
143Heights of Cassino, The(See Book 4)
144Ness Bothan(See Book 4)
145Stornoway Jig(See Book 4)
146Jig Runrig(See Book 4)
147Reconcillation(See Book 4)
148Banshee(See Book 4)
149Miller o’ Dervil, The(See Book 4)
150Triumph, The(See Book 4)
151Annie’s Reel(See Book 4)
152Jacky Groat(See Book 4)
153Hamish’s Tune(See Book 4)
154Jean Kilpatrick’s Fancy(See Book 4)
155Caddam Wood(See Book 4)
156O’Kane’s March(See Book 4)
157Border Strathspey(See Book 4)
158Nancy Taylor’s Reel(See Book 4)
159Sine Bhann(See Book 4)
160Soraidh Slan le Fionnaird(See Book 4)
161Air Fal il o Iring(See Book 4)
162Mo Dhachaidh(See Book 4)
163Lovat Scouts, The(See Book 4)
164Inisheer(See Book 4)
165Mill Burn, The(See Book 4)
166The Forth Bridge(See Book 4)
167Left Hand Fiddler, The(See Book 4)
168The Sweet Maid of Glendaruel, The(See Book 4)
169Corriechoillie’s 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting(See Book 4)
170Campbel’ls Farewell to Red Gap(See Book 4)
171Bloody Fields of Flanders, The(See Book 4)
172Queens Welcome to Invercauld, The(See Book 4)
173Rory’s Gallacher’s(See Book 5)
174The Soup Dragon(See Book 5)
175The Gathering(See Book 5)
176Robertson’s Reel(See Book 5)
177Hurlock’s Reel(See Book 5)
178Farley Bridge(See Book 5)
179Seonaid’s Tune(See Book 5)
180Gur I Glun(See Book 5)
181Miss Girdle(See Book 5)
182Kenny Giles of Portnalong(See Book 5)
183Mary Scott, Flower of Yarrow(See Book 5)
184Mrs Hamilton of Pitcaitland(See Book 5)
185Road to Banff(See Book 5)
186Halloween Jig(See Book 5)
187John Sinclair(See Book 5)
188Douce Pluie du Soir(See Book 5)
189McKechnie’s Farewell(See Book 5)
190Blarney Pilgrim(See Book 5)
191Boys of Balleymote(See Book 5)
192Out on the Ocean(See Book 5)
193Kerry Dancers(See Book 5)
194Flower o’ the Quern(See Book 5)
195Lord Lovat(See Book 5)
196The Meeting of the Waters(See Book 5)
197Muntanyes del Canigo(See Book 5)
198Kilworth Hills(See Book 5)
199Circassian(See Book 5)
200Lady MacKenzie(See Book 5)
201Roxburgh Castle(See Book 5)
202Storrer’s(See Book 5)
203Duran(See Book 5)
204Russian Tea(See Book 5)
205Radetsky March(See Book 5)
206The Love o’ da Isles(See Book 5)
207Nameless Lassie(See Book 5)
208Ballachulish Glen(See Book 5)
209Hundred Thousand Welcomes(See Book 5)
210Centenary Msrch(See Book 5)
211Vienna, City of my Dreams(See Book 5)
212Rachel Young of Porterbelly(See Book 5)
213The Lass o’ Patie’s Mill(See Book 5)
214Birks(See Book 5)
215Willie Brewed My Love(See Book 5)
216Corn Rigs(See Book 5)
217Gallant Weaver(See Book 5)
218Failte Do’n Eilean Sgitheanach(See Book 5)
219Roly Gentle(See Book 5)
220Bonny at Morn(See Book 5)
221Swedish Masquerade(See Book 5)
222Farewell to Glasgow(See Book 5)
222aFarewell to Glasgow (Harmony)(See Book 5)
223Farewell to Govan(See Book 5)
224Rowan Tree, The(See Book 6)
225Lea Rig, The(See Book 6)
225aLea Rig, The (Harmony)(See Book 6)
226aDa Slockit Light(See Book 6)
226aDa Slockit Light (Harmony)(See Book 6)
227Hector The Hero(See Book 6)
227aHector The Hero (Harmony)(See Book 6)
228Ye Banks and Braes(See Book 6)
228aYe Banks and Braes (Harmony)(See Book 6)
229Afton Water(See Book 6)
229aAfton Water (Harmony 1)(See Book 6)
229bAfton Water (Harmony 2)(See Book 6)
230Parcel of Rogues(See Book 6)
231Flatwater Fran(See Book 6)
232Christchurch Cathedral(See Book 6)
233Starry Nights of Shetland, The(See Book 6)
234Jock Stewart(See Book 6)
234aJock Stewart (Harmony 1)(See Book 6)
234bJock Stewart (Harmony 2)(See Book 6)
235The Lounge Bar(See Book 6)
236Elliot Finn MacDonald(See Book 6)
237Go to Berwick, Johnny(See Book 6)
238Pawky Adam Glen(See Book 6)
239Jack Latin(See Book 6)
240An Dro(See Book 6)
241Wee Tatum Fogg(See Book 6)
242Where shall our Guidman Lie(See Book 6)
243Galician March(See Book 6)
244Marcha Processional Du Corpus(See Book 6)
245Wild Rose of the Mountain, The(See Book 6)
246Benny Side(See Book 6)
246aBenny Side (Harmony)(See Book 6)
247Auld Lang Syne(See Book 6)
500Ashokan Farewell
501Barrowburn Reel, The
502Brenda Stubbert’s Reel
503A Waltz for Kylin
504Highlanders Revenge, The
505Hut on Staffin Island, The
506My Cape Breton Home
507Sarah’s Song
508Bird Song from Spring
509Calliope House
510Ian Powrie’s Comploments to Sir Thomas Wardle
511The High Drive
512Farquar and Hettie’s
514Crossing the Minch
515Father John MacMillan of Barra
516Memories of Father Angus MacDonnell
Xmas Tunes
600Deck The Hall
601Jingle Bells
602Rudloph the Rednose Reindeer
603We Wish You a Merry Christmas
604Jingle Bell Rock
604aJingle Bell Rock Lyrics
605Joy to the World
605aJoy to the world Lyrics

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