Playing Suggestions

Playing Notes

This page contains some suggested playing options for some of our tunes.  Adaptations will be required depending on number of instruments available. The list may grow.

Set 27 Farquhar and Hettie’s/Elsey’s –

Farquhar and Hettie – crescendo bar 5 and 6 and 21 to 22.  Forte bar 25.

Elsey’s Waltz –

First 16 bars fiddles only.  Repeat with mandolins.   Guitars and other instruments on second part.

High notes from the G bars 4-5 forte.  Same in bars 12-13.  18, and 22.  Decresendo bars 19-20 and  bar 30 to end and ral there last few bars too.

Wild Rose of the Mountain – build volume throughout.  If wished hold the last high G – this needs to be agreed before performing so we all do the same thing.





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