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These are just guidelines but generally we find applying these makes for more enjoyment all round.


At the beginning of each term we tend to revert to the simple formula of going round each person in the room with each person picking a tune from the list – or passing if they don’t want to pick a tune.  The person who picks the tune can try an intro or ask that someone else leads the tune.  Feel free to have a go we are all learners and I have done some pretty tuneless intros for the group.

It is perfectly acceptable to pick the same tune several times so if you only know part or all of one or two tunes others in the group can take cognisance of this so that no-one is sitting out too many tunes.

As the term progresses, and at any additional practices we try to pick a few tunes that we want to focus on and spend more time on these.

If we are planning a gig we might devote a practice night to a ‘dress rehearsal’.

Sometimes we might bring a new tune from one of the beginners/improvers.  If you do so and have any music or teaching, midi files to share on this we might take a note to spend some more time on the tune the following week when others  who have not already had some time to look at the tune will have had time to try it out.

If you think you can organise us better/count us in better etc please feel free to offer to help.


Don’t worry about making mistakes just try tunes out and have fun.

Stick to tunes at least some of us have learned in a group/class together (there is a list on the blog that we try to augment as new tunes come through the classes – we don’t add every tune just some – there are so many tunes we have to filter).

Stick to a slow or moderate speed that most folk can manage.

If you want to make a suggestion on how to embellish a tune, please do so before we start, or after the end, of the tune.

If you want everyone to give you a few minutes to organise yourself/have a question before tune starts don’t be shy – indicate clearly and politely to whomever is doing the introduction or leading the session and for Scratchy practices this is fine.   If you have something to discuss regarding the tune it might be worth sharing it with the rest of the group.  Often several people have similar questions and we can share the learning.

Listen to the speed the tune is set at and try to stick to that speed.   Look and listen to the group.

Try to avoid putting others on the spot or making them feel uncomfortable.

Please don’t criticise others.

If you think the group is too slow or boring for you congrats – you can be thrown out for being too good and go start another group!

And for ‘Gigs’

Come prepared.  There is usually a play list advertised on the blog in advance.   Make sure you have this and get ready to play the next tune after each is finished.  If you are using music have it organised so that you can turn quickly to the right tune.

If you are doing the introduction check everyone is ready then play loud and clear thinking about the timing you are setting.

If you are not doing the introduction please respect the person who is and others by being ready as quickly as you can and avoiding unnecessary noise – chatter, trying out another tune etc.

There is time for socialising at the break/end.

Try to remember to smile.

When we are finished the set we finish the set – avoid breaking into wee groups playing various tunes if there is an audience.  If we are asked for an encore and we don’t already have something penciled in then the person who is leading that day can decide what to do.

If something goes wrong don’t beat yourself or anyone else up – it is meant to be fun and we are not the philharmonic orchestra – just have fun and if you want to discuss ideas to make things even more fun speak to the organisers or raise at a tea break/group practice.


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