CD for Sale – Charity Donation Included

Scratchy Noises CD cover

Scratchy Noises CD cover

The Scratchy Noises Fun CD ‘The First Scratch is the Deepest’ is now available from band members or from Creation Studios, Argyle Street Glasgow (opposite Tron Theatre).

The CD is just for fun – you will find we make lots of ’embellishments’ like varying the speed during a tune – well key changes are so yesterday 😉

It’s a bit tongue in cheek and we had good fun doing it which is important to us.

The CD is £5 with 40% of profit going to Erskine Hospital, 40% to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Scotland, 20% to music lessons (we thought it was funny – really the first thing we want to do is to get a better tent so that when we go and play outside – mainly at charity events – we can keep our instruments dry)

Feel free to comment on the CD below.  Did it make you laugh?  Music teachers – hope it didn’t make you cry!

Email me at if you are having difficulty getting hold of a copy and we’ll sort it out for you.


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