Reference – Babbity Bowster – Session Tunes




  • Scott Skinner’s compliments, Boys lament for his dragon
  • Loch Leven castle, East Neuk of Fife
  • Ger the rigger, Bill Sullivan’s , Britches full of stitches
  • Laird of Drumblaire, Jenny Nettles, Mains O’Gartuy
  • Arthur McBride, Snug in a blanket
  • Dornoch links, Campbell’s farewell to Redcastle, The barren rocks of Aden , Earl of Mansfield
  • Banish misfortune, The kesh, Tenpenny bit
  • Merry Blacksmith, The silver spear, cup of tea, fermoy lasses
  • City of Savannah
  • Harvest Home, Boys of bluehill
  • Glasgow Gaelic club, Colonel Robertson
  • Kilfenora jig , Kesh jig, Out on the Ocean
  • The Old Bush, The cup of Tea
  • Farewell to Whisky, Drunk at night dry in the morning
  • Carolans concerto
  • Fanny power, Planxty Irwin
  • Mrs McLeod, Kate Dalrymple
  • Staten Island, Soldiers Joy , Fairy Dance
  • Kenmure , Stool of repentance, Athole Highlanders
  • Farqhuar and Hettie’s, Cape Breton home
  • Josephine’s Waltz
  • Sleep soond in da morning, Christmas Day
  • Blackthorn stick, Rakes of Kildare, Father O’Flynn
  • The road home, Battle of Waterloo
  • Do it for my sake
  • Hammy Ski ( copywrite BJ )
  • Hector the hero, Calum’s road, Barrowburn, John Keith Lang
  • Bonnie Ann, Inverness gathering
  • The frost is all over, Connaughtman’s rambles, old Joe’s jig
  • Nine points of roguery
  • Chicago jig, Cliffs of Moher
  • Gypsies, King of the Fairies, Morrisons
  • Lark in the morning
  • Coolies , Concertina , Banshee
  • Catalina Waltz
  • Sweet Biddy Daly , humours of glendart, killaloe boat (lilting banshee), My darling asleep
  • Coolies, Father Kelly’s
  • Unst bridal march, Faroe rum, Andowin at the bow
  • Spootiskerry,Willafjord, Hurlocks
  • Planxty Morgan Magan
  • The teatotaller, Salamanca, Scholar, Sally Gardens, Father Kelly’s No 1
  • Buvaglie’s plaid, the iron man
  • Denis Murphy’s , £42 pound cheque
  • Blarney pilgrim, Lanagan’s ball, Donnybrook Fair
  • Alexander’s hornpipe, An Comhrha Don
  • Stan chapman’s ,Tenpenny bit
  • Greenfields of Rosbeigh, Bobby Casey’s, Congress Reel
  • Ponte Isabella ( Man of the House
  • Bear Island, The Skylark
  • Inisheer
  • The pipe on the hob, Bothy band jig, Gallagher’s frolics
  • Miss Margaret Brown, Charlie Hunter’s
  • Jims Vals ( I varens tid in springtime )
  • Petronella, Kate Dalrymple, Rachael Rae
  • Princess Royal, Flowers of Edinburgh, St Anne’s Reel
  • Jack broke the prison door, Donald Blue, sleep soond ida morning, Lasses trust in providence, Bonnie Isle o’ Whalsay
  • Ferrie reel, Lay Dee at Dee, Spencie’s reel
  • Faroe rum, Andowin at da bow, Da Forfeit o da ship
  • Daleigh’s, Egans,Glenside
  • Conundrum, Jig of slurs
  • Jig of slurs, Seagull
  • Scartaglen, Balleydesmond no3, GanAinm (TMc)
  • Pigeon on the gate, sailor on the rock , The mountain road
  • The Brown Chest , Galway hornpipe (s)
  • The Home Ruler , Kitty’s Wedding
  • Glencoe March, The Conundrum , Father John McMillan
  • The Ulva Boatman
  • Charlie Lennon’s, Vincent Campbell, Sonny’s (mazurkas)
  • The Butterfly, Lannigan’s Ball, Irish Washerwoman
  • Humours of Glendart, Old Joes jig
  • Da Slockit Licht
  • The Cameronian, the Mountain Top, Corney is coming
  • Mrs O’Sullivans, Calliope House, Miller’s maggot
  • The Broken Pledge, Lucy Campbell, Toss the Feathers
  • King of the Fairies, …..not sure of others
  • Colonel Rodgers, Sligo Maid, Virginia Reel
  • The Wailing Banshee, Willie Coleman’s
  • Charlie Harris’ Polka , Finish Polka, Jessica’s ( Jack Bethel’s Favourite)
  • Grainnie’s, Rose in the Heather, Shores of Loch Gowna
  • Killarney Boys of Pleasure, My Love is in America
  • Cathkin Braes, Bottom of the Punchbowl, Staten Island
  • Open the door for Three, Dever the Dancer
  • Lucky can do Link Ony, Da Foostra, Oot be Est a Vong
  • Nailing the Jelly to the Wall, Herding Cats , Peeing into the Hurricane


Possible Notional Sets

Jerry’s Beaver Hat / The Mouse in the Cupboard

Garrett Barry / Banish Misfortune / The Bride’s Favourite

The Lilting Fisherman / Baron’s Jig

The Mountain Road / Jackie Coleman’s / The Peeler’s Jacket

The Donegal Reel / The Maid Behind the Bar / The Salley Gardens / St Anne’s Reel

Apples in Winter / Dusty Windowsills

The Concertina Reel / Far From Home

Troy’s Wedding / Crabbit Shona

Geese in the Bog / The Wandering Minstrel / The Lark in the Morning

Cup of Tea / The Musical Priest

Trip to Sligo / The Swallowtail Jig

The Foxhunter / The Butterfly

The Kerfunten / The Cliffs of Moher / The Tar Road to Sligo

Scattery Island / O’Keefe’s / Going to the Well for Water

Tobin’s Favourite / Donnybrook Fair

The Tailor’s Twist / Spellan the Fiddler

The Streetplayer / Sheehan’s

The Battle of Aughrim / Madame Bonaparte

Kildare’s Fancy / Miss Galvin

The Three Sea Captains




4 Responses to “Reference – Babbity Bowster – Session Tunes”

  1. Sean Middleton Says:

    Ayrshire Farmers market are looking for trad musicians to play at their farmers markets in Paisley , Ayr, Kilmarnock and more. If anyone is interested can they contact Howard Wilkinson on 07765606848;



  2. Sean Middleton Says:

    Val, you will be most welcome anytime Ayr market is the first sat of the month, Paisley- 2nd and 4th Sat and Kilmarnock 3rd Sat; we will be able to put up a stall or two for cover; If Im there with my burger stall I will be able to keep you all fuelled with burgers and there may be hot soup on the go!

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