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Nostalgic Brodick Castle trip April 2015

March 10, 2018

Hi, I didnt know you could post videos here, so I have had this clip for quite some time. Some of you will not have seen it before, so I thought I would post it for you. Its an early Scratchy Noises trip to Brodick Castle, Arran in 2015 (yes, it was that long ago I’m afraid). I hope you enjoy. The trip was organised for us by Alison S and we had a terrific day out. This is taken in the pub beer garden while awaiting the ferry homeward. Probably after a few drinks!



No Street Party Band this time :-(

March 17, 2017
Hi Neil

Thanks so much for your interest in the Encontro street band festival, and apologies to have kept you waiting so long for a definitive answer. After the disappointment of failing in our main funding bid, we are now delighted to be able to announce (finally!) that the Encontro is going ahead! Merchant City Festival are providing a small amount of funding, allowing us to stage a scaled-down version of our original plans – and allowing us to invite key street bands to the event and celebrate SambaYaBamba’s 20th birthday!
Sadly, we’re now quite restricted in what we can include in the programme due to reduced funds. We won’t be able to offer Scratchy Noises any performance opportunities this time round. However, seeing as you guys are local it would be great if you can attend the weekend, come and say hi and enjoy the programme of fantastic street bands from all over the UK that will be on offer throughout Sat and Sunday afternoons in the Merchant City.
Sorry it’s not better news – but stay in touch and we’ll keep you posted with plans for a 2018 event.
Warm regards

Encontro Scotland @ Merchant City Festival

Sat 22nd – Sun 23rd July 2017

Dram 31/7/17 – GFW Mixed Instrument Classes summer session

July 20, 2016


The mixed instrument classes are holding a summer session in the Dram, 31th July 2-4pm

They have kindly invited any of us to attend if we fancy a few tunes.

They have also send a tune list which I’ve attached, also gives us an idea of what others are playing, so of some interest.



Mixed instrument Tune List June 2016

Possible day out hillwalking

June 22, 2016

I was thinking of organising a day out on the hills, possibly weekend of 9th or 16th July

Would anyone be interested?  – email me.

Was thinking of the Annoch Eagach Ridge, about a 10km walk.


Hoodies – Collection and Payment

June 9, 2016


Can anyone who has still to collect their Hoodie please let me know when they will next be at a Scratchy session and I’ll bring theirs along for them. Assuming I’m there of course 🙂


Can anyone, who has yet to pay, please do so soon, so we can get the bank balance back in order. The bank managers having kittens!

David, with his technical wizardry, has kindly set up a Financial Page called ‘Money Matters’, which is under the Pages Tab on RHS of home page with financial details, bank balance, and so on. Details of how to pay can be found there.

The link is also here, but look for it under Pages first so you know where it is.

Apparently you can pay in Sterling, Dollars or Euro. Old Spanish holiday money will not be accepted.



Lets hope the Bailiffs will not be needed on this occasion.




Hoodies – Have arrived 29-4-16

March 27, 2016

The Hoodies have now arrived, you can pick them up at any group night.

The price is £16, please remember to pay and pick the right one up.

David’s taking the monies. Bold indicates paid. Thx.

You can pay by online bank transfer if you like, to Davids or Valeries account. Just email them if done so.



Orders so far:-

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     Wanted                         Ordering

Neil                   F62-208-4      Deep Navy       L          Deep Navy

Maly Bain          F62-062-4      Deep Navy       M         Deep Navy

David                F62-062-4      Any Blue         XL          Deep Navy 

John Shaw       F62-062-4      Deep Navy        L           Deep Navy

Ian                    F62-062-4     Any                   XL         Deep Navy

Mel                   F62-062-4     Any                    L           Deep Navy

Carol                F62-150-0      N/A                   8           Deep Navy

Mo                    F62-150-0      Azure Blue        16        Azure Blue

Sandra             F62-150-0      Azure Blue        14         Deep Navy

Christine          F62-150-0      Burgendy          16        Burgendy

Alison S            F62-150-0      Burgendy          14        Burgendy

Valerie              F62-150-0      Deep Navy        12        Deep Navy

Francis              F62-150-0      Any Blue          10         Deep Navy

Susan Moir       F62-150-0       N/A                  3x?       Azure Blue (14)

Christine McC   F62-118-4       Any Blue          16         Deep Navy

Janice Ross      Any                  Any                  XL         Deep Navy

Alison E            F62-150-0       Burgendy         12         Burgendy

John Lewis      F62-062-4     Any                    L           Deep Navy


We also have some extras should anyone want one :-


Mens :    Deep Navy      Pullover          M

Ladies:   Deep Navy      Zip                 16 (XL)

Ladies:   Deep Navy      Zip (Thick)      16 (XL)

Ladies:   Azure Blue      Zip                  16 (XL)

Ladies:   Azure Blue      Zip                  12 (M)

Ladies:   Maroon           Zip                  14 (L)

Ladies:   Maroon           Zip                  16 (XL)

Feedback from latest Dram session

March 18, 2016

Enjoyable night of playing. Some feedback (opinions are Neils and not neccessarily shared by anyone – except Allan as long as it doesn’t cost him any money to share…)

image image

  1. All tunes played on St Patrick’s night are deemed Irish no matter what.
  2. Allan, you missed a free coffee.
  3. Allan, you missed a free coffee…I know I’m repeating, but I just cant believe it.
  4. Carol, when she passes from this world wants to go out in a Cello shaped coffin.
  5. One for the ladies – a little slip from Alison let it be known that on the Bar 1, T-shirt Website, that as well as sporting outerwear, there are a lot of photos of young men modelling the briefiest of ‘briefs’. Be careful in your browsing. After extensive research I have been unable to find any young ladies in similar retort, sorry chaps.
  6.  Sarah’s least favourite tune is most definetely, after checking with her, to make sure, ‘THE ROWAN TREE’. It has been suggested that a banned list is constructed and put in operation. Anyone requesting the playing of these tunes will be required to undergo a forfeit of some kind or risk the ridicule of fellow members. Sometimes both.

Finally, as part of good session etiquette please don’t choose anything from the ‘banned list’ and please, please, don’t touch anyone else’s instruments without express permission.


Thank you



Gig – Rodgerpark Care Home, Rutherglen

July 30, 2015

Allan Storrie *old Geezer, no hair”, has been asked if he can arrange some music for Rodgerpark care home during Rutherglen Gala day, Sat 8 Aug. It will be for 2 hrs, time to be confirmed.

He is looking to gauge interest, so if you would like to take part, Allan will organise, arrange transport and supply food (well maybe not the last two). Can you register interest here to encourage others and email Allan as well to let him know you’d like to play.  Allan Storrie <>




Temp Tune Post

July 1, 2015

Blairhill meetup tunes 29/4/17


Virginia Reel Set – from here: SN12

BEA141 2 pages Gaelic Waltzes


22_dashing-white-sergeant-25-01-17 / 19_colgrave-sound-24-01-1787_spoot-o-skerry-24-01-17 / 22_dashing-white-sergeant-25-01-17

47_john-clifford-s-no-1-24-01-17 / 54_little-diamond-24-01-17

514_Crossing the Minch


511_The High Drive — (28-02-17)


Home Session

April 20, 2015

I’m taking a couple of days of work Thu, Fri to relax for a bit. So if anyone fancies a few Tunes either Thu evening or Sat afternoon/evening round at my house feel free to come around.

If you could email me first though, to let me know you may be coming that would be great, or I may be oot…Thanks.