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Happy 8th Birthday Scratchers

June 17, 2018

The offical band of the Men’s 10k again today.

Happy Birthday to Scratchy Noises.

Well done all runners and players.


Muirhead Gala Day

June 16, 2018

Torrential rain but fortunately we were indoors at the Guide Hall tea party rocking a few numbers.  Great cakes.

Had a wee time out to catch the football and a few beers then another wee set at the Bowling Club.  Thanks to Mel for standing in q for burgers.

Very impressed with the folk who were out and about weathering the …..well…weather….to see all that was going on. (more…)

CLIC Sargeant

April 7, 2018

Well done the team who played this morning at Morrison’s Auchinlea.

I thought we sounded good and we got lots of compliments.

Raised £214.14 for the charity.

Here is the after party….

Any volunteer to do a wee task?

March 10, 2018

Don’t all rush as once…special offer….first to comment ‘I will do it’ in this post wins the task….


Look at the 3 tunes books, the tunes played on their own book – on this page – the blog post

Make a list of any single tunes listed in this list Look at this list but not in any of the books or the summary of our March tune housekeeping.

Here is hoping someone is willing to do this save me another job.

Successful Day Tune Housekeeping

March 4, 2018

Well done all for turning up at Blawarthill today.  Enjoyed your playing and company.  Alison got a great tune out of that bottle.

Anyone fancy revisiting on Thur 15th March to firm up some of these ideas?  Some said yes so meet at our house 7-9pm.  If you don’t have address pls email me

Possible New Sets

***Disclaimer – rapidly typed list – numbers might need checked***

12 – Bloody Fields of Flanders/71 – Queens Welcome to Invercauld

161 – Welcome to Inverness/160 – Setting a Course for Lewis

69 – Off to California – we will get the Sligo Fancy and try this out at future workshop

Here is one version:

163 – Reel de Enclaes (after 1,2,3)/107 – Wings of a Skorrie

133/134  Garoun/Guneegha

99 – Waltz of the Little Girls/154 – Stronsay Waltz

145-148 Virginia Reel Set

166-168 Spanish set – still to try one tune at future workshop

129 Alexandra Park/130 Queen Margaret Drive

Agreed for Individual Tunes

27 – The Fairy Lullaby – Alison will research harmony and we will get words to arrange for singing.

500 – Ashoken Farewell

To be practiced – and other tune/s we don’t already play to be found to go with – any suggestions or offers to research?

80 – The Sailors Wife

91 – Stirling Castle

121 – Highland Harry

Removing from our playlist

65 – The Mirthfull Maid

503 – For the Young


506 My Cape Breton Home – Neil has a better version we can try

507 Sarah’s Song

508 Bird Song

509 Calliope House



4th March Tune Housekeeping

February 16, 2018


CURRENTLY PLANNED and looking ok  – check this space will update if weather decides to force cancellation

Feel free to being foodbank donations

Anyone available PM/early eve 4th March to play the final batch of tunes we have not dusted off for a while and maybe try something new we have for you?

Here is the list

12 – Bloody Fields of Flanders

27 – The Fairy Lullaby

65 – The Mirthfull Maid

69 – Off to California

71 – Queens Welcome to Invercauld

80 – The Sailors Wife

91 – Stirling Castle

99 – Waltz of the Little Girls

107 – On the Wings of a Skorrie

121 – Highland Harry

129/130 (already a set just to try and decide if adding to a book)

Other European tunes in 131-138 and 166-168, 145-148 is Virginia reel set just needs added to next book, 154, 160, 161, 163/A and any copyright tunes not already in a book – 500, 503, 506, 507, 508, 509


tunes at

Let me know –


Blawarthill Church  36 Millbrix Ave, Glasgow G14 0EP

1315 to 1700.

If you arrive early please take care not to disturb the church service.


Who can come:  Valerie, Davie, Maureen, Mel, Frances, John S, Mitchell, Alison S, Dave, Tom F, Sandra,Neil, Ian….


Uddingston Music Festival

February 10, 2018

Lovely day out today with a friendly bunch. Mixed instruments workshop AM and our Scratchy Noises session PM.

Thank you to Clive for allowing us to use the hall and to Lorna for organising this festival.


Here’s a couple of recordings with the tunes played at the workshop.

Uddingston Music Festival 10th February 2018

January 10, 2018

The session Scratchy are hosting will be at 2pm on 10th Feb.  Tunes will be from this book uddingston session book 2018.  No need to book – just turn up.

Venue – Church of the Nazarene, Old Mill Road, Uddingston G71 7LU

There is a mixed instrument workshop AM.  The workshop must be booked via:

Big Practice Day

December 9, 2017

Hi All,


Unexpected snow and prediction for rest of day uncertain.

We will fix another date.

We will go with 21st January for this practice day.   1-5pm.
Location –

The practice will be in the hall which should be accessed from the street behind the church not the front of the church.  There is a church service so please don’t try to access the hall before 1245.  That might also mean you have more chance of getting parked as it is busy around the church and there will be folk parked to attend the service leaving just before we arrive.

Tea, coffee, biscuits will be provided and there is a £3 donation requested for contribution to the hall hire and coffee.

Tunes will include:

  • Barnyards o’Delgaty/Scotland the Brave
  • Rocking the Baby, Scarce o’tatties,Stool of Repentance
  • The Ale is Dear, Wind that Shakes the Barley
  • The Headlands, Barren Rocks of Aden
  • Ian Powrie, Flett from Flotta
  • The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre, Kenmure up and awa’
  • The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein, Lochanside
  • Fairy Dance, Deil Amang the Tailors
  • Mrs. McLeod of Raasay/High Road to Linton
  • Jig o’ Slurs/Atholl Highlanders
  • Angus MacLeod/Teribus/Hopeless Lover
  • Turn Under Lea/Shakins o Da Barley

Most of these already in sets at

We will also play some of the tunes we played with the smallpipers:

Ham&JamSet 1

Workshop Today – Waifs and Strays

November 5, 2017

Dug out some dusty tunes and will get them added to next tune book.  Also some special tunes written for us….these must go on our next CD.

We will get practicing them in a few weeks.

I think folk enjoyed the day and we look forward to hearing you again soon.DSCF2229