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some scratchy noises members

Scratchy Noises is a ceilidh band with a difference.  The group formed in 2010 and our first ‘gig’ involved playing the same 3 tunes round at the Men’s 10k in Glasgow – great for a run as the audience only heard a snippet as they ran past!

Our purpose is to let us practice playing together and have fun.

Our  group aims to be inclusive for post beginner players of any instrument.

Our ‘set’ comprises simple tunes with some of the notes played correctly by some of the band whilst the rest of us are assured of safety in numbers.

It’s all for fun – if we have a laugh and you have a laugh we have achieved our aim.

The group meets regularly on Monday nights. Online for members during 2020.  We have an open conductor led play along about once a month and this is advertised on our landing page.  All welcome.

When GFW is on (see workshop info on http://www.glasgowfiddle.org.uk/) we meet in Glasgow Kelvin College, Haghill Road.  7.30-9.20pm.

People who wish to attend practice a Glasgow Kelvin College but are not members of GFW must purchase a basic membership to GFW for £28 (which can be paid per ‘term’ at £7 each term).  GFW require this for insurance purposes.  For this you get to join in the tutor slow session 7-7.30pm before the practice and get involved in other GFW events.  However you can come along to your first meeting without worrying about this to see if the group is for you before you commit.

On other Monday’s we meet at other venues please see home page for up to date info on forthcoming practices.  Usually 7-9pm – no restrictions – everyone welcome – just turn up.

We take £3 head which when meeting at Glasgow Kelvin College go to GFW for room hire.   Any profits from other practice sessions  after paying room hire go towards group resources such as subsidised tuition and music books.

The evening usually progresses in the form of a slow session going round the room and letting each person choose a tune or set to practice. Tunes are restricted to a limited list – see link on right hand side of page.  New tunes are added gradually  – with notice to others – or from our workshops.

We don’t prescribe learning by ear or reading from music – come along and do what you feel comfortable with – new tunes are generally advertised a few weeks before we give them a go so it is your choice to learn it ahead by whatever method you like – or just give it a go on the night – we don’t expect a high standard – just for folk to give it a go and enjoy.

All instruments and everyone welcome if you don’t mind not playing fast!

We frequently run workshops and practice sessions on other days and usually these are open to everyone.  The content varies and might involve learning new tunes at a moderate speed, or a workshop on a specific aspect e.g. playing together as a band or a specific genre of music.  Each workshop will be described and you are welcome to ask  questions.

We don’t run workshops specifically for advanced players or to try and play super fast but everyone is welcome to play with us if they are happy to work at our slower speed.

Please contact the committee (see link on right hand side of page) or  comment using the comment buttons on this blog if you want further information.


11 Responses to “About Scratchy Noises”

  1. Ronni Hills Says:

    My Auntie Valerie and Uncle David play in this band!!!!

  2. Peter Beaven Says:

    I heard over the weekend that Margaret Thatcher is a member of Scratchy Noises. Is this true?
    A concerned citizen

    • Valerie Says:

      Dear Peter,

      Thanks for your comment. You are quite right but don’t worry this lady is not for tuning.

      PS Did you manage to get a iron in b flat?

  3. Valerie Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    Yes please do just come along – everyone welcome

  4. Don Says:

    A quick check on “TheSession.org” does not show your get-togethers at the Hillhead Sports Club. It might be worth posting, particularly for the benefit of people like my wife and myself, who are planning a year ahead for a trip to Scotland.

    By the way, it looks like there’s a commonality among various bands. Check out “The Garlic Mustard Pickers”

    • Valerie Says:

      Cheers Don.

      We are not advertised everywhere (various reasons)mainly we are small and have limited resource, we are inexperienced, we switch practice venue through the year and not sure about longer term plans. Nevertheless I will maybe see if I can put an ad on ‘thesession.org’ as folk are always welcome to join us and the blog is updated so if our circumstances change hopefully folk will see that on the blog or contact us to check – just like you have.

      Maybe we will see you on your trip to Scotland.

      Thanks again.

  5. Rikki Allton Says:

    As I seem to be travelling a little less nowadays I’m going to try and attend at least some of the scratch groups. Is it still a matter of being a member of GFW and turning up on term nights with £3 if you want to attend the college sessions? Thanks. Rikki

    • Valerie Says:

      Hi Rikki,

      For the nights we meet at the College yes you need a GFW membership then we pay £3 a head. For other dates we usually pay £1 for each practice with a few workshops sometimes being offered at a reasonable fee per head. The dates and venues of our practices are usually ‘stuck’ to the landing page of the blog https://scratchynoises.wordpress.com/

  6. Rikki Allton Says:

    Thanks Valerie. I’ve filled out and sent the membership form and paid GFW for two terms. Look forward to seeing you all later. Kind regards. Rikki

  7. Annie Masson Says:

    Hi was wondering if you are running any workshops in 2017? I don’t live in or near Glasgow so can’t attend regular classes but am looking for an improvers workshop to go to I live in the Lake District but travel to Scotland quite a bit
    Kind regards Annie .

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