Practice at Blawarthill 10th September 2022


Hi All,

Practice will be c2-5pm. Please do not try to access hall before 1350.

Blawarthill Church Hall.

The address is:

Millbrix Avenue, Scotstoun,

Glasgow G14 0EP

Note access to the hall we use at the back of the church is from Kinstone Avenue which is the next street parallel.

You may need to park a bit further away. Please do not park on pavements or block local residents.

Coffee and Tea available at break (any offers to boil the kettle etc welcome)

£2/head contribution to hall hire.

Who is coming? Valerie, David S, John L, Catherine, Alison, Neil, Mel, Christine, Verity, John S, David B.

Draft tune list:

You should be able to find most of the music here:

I think we omitted Wild Rose of the Mountain from the Books but there is same version on Bearden page number 150 if you do not have dots:


3 Responses to “Practice at Blawarthill 10th September 2022”

  1. Frances Says:

    Hi Valerie Sorry I haven’t replied to your emails I would like to attend but can’t commit at this time. However hopefully circumstances will change Regards to everyone. I hope you and David are well Francesxx

    Sent from my iPad


  2. John Lewis Says:

    Hi Valerie,

    Catherine & I hope to be with you on the 10th



  3. neilbeck Says:

    Hi, I would love to come along too…

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