In Person Session 23rd April


In person easy tunes and social meet up at Blawarthill Church Hall.

The address is:

Millbrix Avenue, Scotstoun,

Glasgow G14 0EP

Note access to the hall we use at the back of the church is from Kinstone Avenue which is the next street parallel.

You may need to park a bit further away. Please do not park on pavements or block local residents.

2-4pm Saturday 23rd April.

Please do not try to access the building before 1350.

Tea and coffee should be available for a short break if you want to bring your own biscuits. Only allocated tea duty team (to be confirmed) will be allowed in the kitchen and the plan is they will boil water and bring out coffee and tea.

We will limit numbers to c20 so please ensure you have booked your space with in advance and give plenty notice if you have to call off in case anyone else is waiting for a place.

Who is in? David, Valerie, Des, Verity, John S, Rae, Mel, Ian, Sandra, Frances

We know that some are getting back to ‘normal’ but we would still like to be cautious. Respect social distancing, try to sit 2 metres apart, avoid touching other people’s belongings, and ideally wear a face covering when moving around. Please do not attend if you have symptoms of covid, a cold or a bug.

We will work mainly from book 4 which has kindly been updated by Allan and reassembled and posted by Neil. Don’t worry – same tunes but chord players note some chord changes/additions where once missing. Link to find book:

Please bring all of your music in case we want to add a few more tunes in.

If you would like to donate to the foodbank please do bring along a donation. A list of what is required is available here:

Who is in?

Valerie, David


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