Workshop With Nigel Gatherer 2nd November


Hello All,

We are having a workshop led by our friend Nigel Gatherer.

Saturday 2nd November c1030-1600 in the Hub, Chryston Parish Church, Main Street, Chryston G69 9LA. There is parking – please use the spaces at the back and not in front of church unless you have mobility issues.  If parking is full you can park sensibly on nearby streets.  The 38C bus from Glasgow stops nearby but takes the slow route from Glasgow c30 mins. The X3, X37 and X35 stop a 5 minute walk away and takes the c15 min motorway route.  Let us know if you need a lift and we will try to organise.  Someone has offered a list from West End.  If anyone wants to take advantage of that email me before 9pm Fri 1st Nov and I will pur you in touch.

Enter by this door and we will probably be in the Hub when you arrive….first room on the right just inside this door.

We will work mainly on some less played tunes from our existing books trying them at a slowish pace first then polishing them up a bit.  We will not be breaking these down to learn them so if you have not tried them before and don’t sight read you may want to google recordings to get the basic idea of the tune before coming along.

There may also be something new that we would break down a bit more to ensure those not confident with sight reading have a chance.

They will mainly be tunes from books  2,3,4, single tunes books, and Ham and Jam Set so bring those if you can.

The tunes will be from this list (first tune in set named but we would do the whole set)

Book 2

Set 27 – Farquhar and Hettie and Elseys waltz
Set 42 – Biserka

Book 3

Set 44 – Hoch Hey Johnny Lad
Set 53 – Turn under Lea
Set 54 – The Rakes of Glasgow

Book 4

Set 68 – Alexandra Park
Set 69 – Setting a Course for Lewis
Set 78 – Gaelic airs
Set 81 – The Left Handed Fiddler

Single Tunes

Wild Rose of the Mountain

Pipe set from Ham and Jam Book

Mrs Hamilton of Pitcaitland set


Book 1

Set 14 – The Headlands and the Barren Rocks of Aden

Book 3

Set 56 – Frosty Morning
Set 59 – Ca The Ewes

You can get the books here 

Coffee, tea and cake will be provided.  Please bring a packed lunch or there are local cafes a 5 minute walk away.  Feel free to bring shareable goodies.


Members who have attended some practices and contributed funds £10

Other friends and their instruments most welcome £15

Booking now open.  Contact me to ask questions or confirm your space.

Payment to:

Sort 40-47-59  Account 94066286

Please add a clue as to who the payment is from in the note.

We will check the account every few days and indicate below with an * after the name when payment and place is confirmed.

24 spaces with 1 still available.  Desperate to come and no space?  Let me know anyway as may be able to squeeze you in or someone may cancel.

David S*
Tom (dad)*
Tom F*

Alison Sc*
John S*
John L

Alison Sh

Derek Sh




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