New Tunes


Who is up for another get together on Sat 22nd December.

Maybe C130-430pm and have a drink and chat after so people can hang about if they want wait out the rush hour traffic?

We can do some of the other tunes in book 4/single tune book.

Let’s consider sets 62,75,76 might not get thru them all.

Going ahead so do let us know if interested – so far – Neil, Maureen, Mel, David, Valerie, Tom, Allan, Sandra, Christine, Alison, Frances, Dad.  Probably getting to a full house now but do shout if you want to join us…..




13 Responses to “New Tunes”

  1. Maureen Smith Says:

    Hi Valerie  Can do Saturday  Mo

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  2. Mel Says:

    Hi Valerie, I can do Saturday as well, Mel

  3. Neil Says:

    Hi Valerie, would love to (if tea), Becksie

  4. Sandra Says:

    Valerie I can do Saturday also. Sandra

  5. alanstor Says:

    Count me in .


    Certainly up for this Valerie….particularly for the Burns stuff if we’re singing.


  7. Valerie Says:

    It is on – updated blog – Tom – just informal practice laid back with no hard critique or pressure – new and old tunes – not a Burns practice or songs specifically.

  8. christine1957 Says:

    Hi thank you . Count me in too please!

  9. alisononthefiddle Says:

    As last time was such fun I would love to come along if you still have space.

  10. Frances Says:

    Hi Valerie
    Would like to attend!

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