Burns Supper – Paisley



Scratchy Noises Needs you !


Findley’s dad’s burns supper is 09/02/19 in Methodist church Paisley.  Looking for a small group to ‘tune/fiddle in’ the haggis and lead a few burns songs.

If interested please add your name to comments below. I would also like to organise some practice sessions before then. Always handy to have the burns sets up to ‘scratch’ so to speak at this time of year.

UPDATE: The event will be 7pm – 10pm sharp finish.


9 Responses to “Burns Supper – Paisley”

  1. davidjstrachan Says:

    Valerie and David will be able to make it.

  2. Maureen Smith Says:

    If its the evening count me in!😉

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  3. Mel Says:

    O.K. For fiddling, not so sure about singing though!!

  4. Frances Says:

    Im interested David

  5. alisononthefiddle Says:

    Happy to play at this one. Alison


  6. dave Says:

    I’ll be happy to go if it’s not fiddling exclusive 🙂 Same as Mel, not so sure about singing.

  7. Tom Fernie Says:

    Happy to come.and sing and play…..both gigs

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