New tunes?



16th Dec 1-4pm at Maureen’s.  Address Has been emailed out to attendees in advance.  Let Maureen or Valerie know if you have not got it.

Who is interested?  Alison S, Mel, Maureen, Davie, Valerie, Neil, Christine, Dad, Allan, Sandra, Tom F, Frances.

New tunes if you want to look up sound files online or have a go in advance:

Campbells Farewell to Red Gap In D

Lucky Scaup – last tune on a Tribute to Jimmy Shand

Fergie McDonald Jigs – Stornoway Jig and Jig Runrig

Mo Dhachaid – last tune on the Gaelic Waltz set

Waltz for Kylin/Inisheer

All are in the new book 4:

There are some other tunes in this prototype book that we will do thereafter.



12 Responses to “New tunes?”

  1. Maureen Smith Says:

    Hi Valerie  Can’t do 8th but can offer people to come here on 16th – think a maximum of 10. Mo 

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  2. Mel Says:

    Hi, 16th OK for me.

  3. alanstor Says:

    How about xmas afternoon at the wee dram 16th December . 3 course xmas menu £18.95 .

  4. alanstor Says:

    Or the dram do a buffet for £10 but minimum number 20 people .

  5. alanstor Says:

    I checked with the dram but unfortunately they’re fully booked for the 16th . Sorry . 😔

  6. christine1957 Says:

    Count me in

  7. Carol Says:

    Would love to come along, but have family get together that day. Sigh. Thanks anyway, hope it goes well. Carol.

  8. dave Says:

    Sorry, I’ll be away on holiday. Have a great day!!

  9. Neil Says:

    I can make 16th for a few tunes, Thx

  10. alanstor Says:

    I can make it on the 16th . Cheers

  11. Sandra Says:

    I can make 16th also

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