Successful Day Tune Housekeeping


Well done all for turning up at Blawarthill today.  Enjoyed your playing and company.  Alison got a great tune out of that bottle.

Anyone fancy revisiting on Thur 15th March to firm up some of these ideas?  Some said yes so meet at our house 7-9pm.  If you don’t have address pls email me

Possible New Sets

***Disclaimer – rapidly typed list – numbers might need checked***

12 – Bloody Fields of Flanders/71 – Queens Welcome to Invercauld

161 – Welcome to Inverness/160 – Setting a Course for Lewis

69 – Off to California – we will get the Sligo Fancy and try this out at future workshop

Here is one version:

163 – Reel de Enclaes (after 1,2,3)/107 – Wings of a Skorrie

133/134  Garoun/Guneegha

99 – Waltz of the Little Girls/154 – Stronsay Waltz

145-148 Virginia Reel Set

166-168 Spanish set – still to try one tune at future workshop

129 Alexandra Park/130 Queen Margaret Drive

Agreed for Individual Tunes

27 – The Fairy Lullaby – Alison will research harmony and we will get words to arrange for singing.

500 – Ashoken Farewell

To be practiced – and other tune/s we don’t already play to be found to go with – any suggestions or offers to research?

80 – The Sailors Wife

91 – Stirling Castle

121 – Highland Harry

Removing from our playlist

65 – The Mirthfull Maid

503 – For the Young


506 My Cape Breton Home – Neil has a better version we can try

507 Sarah’s Song

508 Bird Song

509 Calliope House




One Response to “Successful Day Tune Housekeeping”

  1. neilbeck Says:

    Good wee afternoon, particularly as right next to me! Thanks for running yet again and Maureen for excellent intro’s. Yep up for more practices – less cakes this time though please, as my waistline is taking a battering…Neil

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