4th March Tune Housekeeping



CURRENTLY PLANNED and looking ok  – check this space will update if weather decides to force cancellation

Feel free to being foodbank donations https://glasgownw.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-food/

Anyone available PM/early eve 4th March to play the final batch of tunes we have not dusted off for a while and maybe try something new we have for you?

Here is the list

12 – Bloody Fields of Flanders

27 – The Fairy Lullaby

65 – The Mirthfull Maid

69 – Off to California

71 – Queens Welcome to Invercauld

80 – The Sailors Wife

91 – Stirling Castle

99 – Waltz of the Little Girls

107 – On the Wings of a Skorrie

121 – Highland Harry

129/130 (already a set just to try and decide if adding to a book)

Other European tunes in 131-138 and 166-168, 145-148 is Virginia reel set just needs added to next book, 154, 160, 161, 163/A and any copyright tunes not already in a book – 500, 503, 506, 507, 508, 509


tunes at https://scratchynoises.wordpress.com/scratchy-noises-tunes/

Let me know – valeriemcc@hotmail.co.uk


Blawarthill Church  36 Millbrix Ave, Glasgow G14 0EP

1315 to 1700.

If you arrive early please take care not to disturb the church service.


Who can come:  Valerie, Davie, Maureen, Mel, Frances, John S, Mitchell, Alison S, Dave, Tom F, Sandra,Neil, Ian….



3 Responses to “4th March Tune Housekeeping”

  1. Frances Says:

    Id like to go over the new tunes.

  2. John Shaw Says:

    Hi Valerie I’m free afternoon and evening (2pm onwards) John Shaw


  3. Tom Fernie Says:

    Things no better out here in Denny, our street is blocked with the council snow plough putting all its snow from the Health Centre car park across the end of our entrance…nothing in or out….so I won’t be coming into Glasgow today….sorry to miss it. Have a good afternoon and safe home afterwards…Tom F

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