Carluke Jam and Ham Festival 2017


Just back from the Carluke Ham and Jam Festival 2017. We had a great day out. We were the first band up and played a 40min set.

Valerie here just adding wee pic courtesy of  George Russell…



Special thanks to the sound guys who did a magnificent job twiddling their knobs and making us sound great. The stage set up was fantastic, the top tier

being occupied by Ian “Drum” keeping us in time, then the back row rhythm line up of Francis, holding the fort single handed when I abandoned her to seek fame and fortune playing whistle with Dave, and Me with Janice joining us. We welcome Janice to the rhythm section as her foot stomping sounded like a bass drum because of the staging and was spot on the money as far as timing goes. Adding to Janice’s fiddle melody playing from the front row was Mel, Birthday Boy (Age 21 and a wee bit), playing for the first time with a mic. Then we have the front row fiddlers, Sandra, Valerie and Neil who played well above their pay grade. Finally Dave on whistle, who played an incredibly lovely harmony part written by Katherine MacLeod, as well as being in charge of gravity testing as every two minutes throughout the day he managed to drop his android tablet. Please comment below where is best to buy new android tablets especially Kiddy proof versions with rubber bumpers.


More pics as promised…


We need to say a big thank you to Lynne McLachlan who left a comment on the official Facebook page saying “Band are excellent” and she meant us !

Having a few issues getting the video to appear inline, but I am determined, click on the image below for a short clip from our set today, well done to all the performers.


It is a shame for some of the other bands as the rain came on and was quite heavy at times but this did not dampen the spirits of the performers or the audience. I did not get to see all of the other bands / acts but what I did see was great. Is there an emoji yet of person throwing pants onto stage.

Some of us joined the small pipers, or should that be pipers with small pipes, who played some tunes, some with quite challenging rhythms for us (ok i mean challenging for me). Then we joined up with them again in the hall across the road for a session. We have managed to find loads of tunes that could be very interesting to play together. Some were really good from the get go at first play though other will need a little work but in no time world tour is definitely on the cards.

I can’t wait for next years festival, as it gets bigger and better each year. Well done to all who took part in the organising and staffing of all the various things. Next time i’m getting my face painted.


4 Responses to “Carluke Jam and Ham Festival 2017”

  1. Maureen Smith Says:

    Well done scratchy – great performance – I’d like the first signed copy of the DVD!
    Sorry I couldn’t be there 😕

    Mo x

  2. dave Says:

    I’m getting one of this

  3. jannylonglegs Says:

    Dave, thank you very much for your lovely comments regarding my foot stomping and for inviting me to the rhythm section. As you will know rhythm and I are sometimes strangers to each other so it was rather nice to find that you had noticed we had become best friends, (at long last), at the Carluke Jam Festival.

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