Men’s 10k and Scratchy Noises 7th Birthday


Grand morning out at Glasgow Green playing for 1000’s of runners.  Loved how many had time for a jig, wave or thumbs up.  Well done the runners and players.

Finished off with the usual champagne (appletise) and cake.


2 Responses to “Men’s 10k and Scratchy Noises 7th Birthday”

  1. Frances Says:

    Great day today!!!
    Some great memories and a few moments that touched the heart.
    Well done the runners.

    And our Neil was running in the 10K!!! So fast that I didnt get a chance to speak to him. Well done Neil!!!!!

    We have a new tent and Valerie guided us through the assembly.
    Mel and I were stars!!! Dont believe anything you hear otherwise.

    Toasted the Scratchy birthday with champagne/ Appletise and cake.

    Gosh Scratchy have been going for 7 years!!!!!
    And what a great time Ive had.

  2. Carol Says:

    Loved your comments, Frances, so glad y’all had a good day! I always miss this gig due to travelling, but will make some summer Mondays at Babbity’s. Well done Scratchers, happy birthday and congrats oor Neil!! Carol.

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