Muirhead Gala Day and Men’s 10k 2017


Hello All,


Room for a couple more melody players to play in a small group at Muirhead Gala day 17th June 2017 roughly 11-4.  Who is in?  Neil, Valerie, Davie, Dave, Mel, Frans

Meet at the Mason’s Hall, Lindsaybeg Road 11am.

Bus x3, x37, x39 from Buchanan street bus station stop right next to the park where the gala is and takes about 10-15 mins from buchanan street.

Bring the playlist linked on this post

We can decide who does intros etc on the day so if you have any favourites you want to do we can share them out.

Should be done by 5.  Hang about for a drink with us if you wish.

Also Men’s 10k 18th June roughly 10-12 – all welcome for this one any instrument mix, any experience.  Welcome to just turn up last minute.  Who’s in? Davie, Valerie, Frances, Dave, Mel

Meet roughly as marked below ready to play c1000 or 0915 to help set up.  Bring pegs – if dry and not windy we will play al fresco.  If not will pitch tent nearby. Playlist subset of above from Gala day.

Please email me if you are interested/need more info.


One Response to “Muirhead Gala Day and Men’s 10k 2017”

  1. Frances Says:

    Hi Valerie
    Im available for both the Muirhead day and the 10k

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