No Street Party Band this time :-(

Hi Neil

Thanks so much for your interest in the Encontro street band festival, and apologies to have kept you waiting so long for a definitive answer. After the disappointment of failing in our main funding bid, we are now delighted to be able to announce (finally!) that the Encontro is going ahead! Merchant City Festival are providing a small amount of funding, allowing us to stage a scaled-down version of our original plans – and allowing us to invite key street bands to the event and celebrate SambaYaBamba’s 20th birthday!
Sadly, we’re now quite restricted in what we can include in the programme due to reduced funds. We won’t be able to offer Scratchy Noises any performance opportunities this time round. However, seeing as you guys are local it would be great if you can attend the weekend, come and say hi and enjoy the programme of fantastic street bands from all over the UK that will be on offer throughout Sat and Sunday afternoons in the Merchant City.
Sorry it’s not better news – but stay in touch and we’ll keep you posted with plans for a 2018 event.
Warm regards

Encontro Scotland @ Merchant City Festival

Sat 22nd – Sun 23rd July 2017

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