Uddingston Music Festival


A great wee day out at Uddingston Music Festival.

Workshop with Nigel Gatherer AM, invaded Tunnock’s tea room for lunch, and enjoyed a big session PM with Boyd Tunnock joining the band.  More pics to follow.

Anyone lost a black music stand?  Still at church but we might be able to get it back to you without you trailing to the church.

Lost a black umbrella with white raindrops logo?  I have it.image




12 Responses to “Uddingston Music Festival”

  1. alisononthefiddle Says:

    It’s mine! I’ll forget my head one of these days. Will get it next time I see you. Great wee day out, thanks for organising and thanks to the Church of the Nazarene for looking after us so well,

  2. alisononthefiddle Says:

    Oops should have said it’s the umbrella which is mine!!

  3. Frances Says:

    What a great day!!!!! Really enjoyed it!!!!!

  4. Stevie Says:

    It’s my brolly….☔️

  5. alisononthefiddle Says:

    Oh no it’s not, it’s a bit girly for you anyway, and the spots change colour in the rain too ☂️🌧

  6. Dave Says:

    It was great fun! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  7. Carol Says:

    Thanks, Valerie, the music stand’s mine. Doh!! Great day, thanks lots. Carol.

  8. neilbeck Says:

    Lovely day out as always and no items lost, which is always a bonus hehe.

  9. alanstor Says:

    Luvly tunes with my luvly pals……cept that ginger bloke !!

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