Possible event?


Saw this.  Not sure if suitable.  Not offering to organise it but if others are interested and someone wants to take the lead…..http://sambayabamba.com/encontro/


5 Responses to “Possible event?”

  1. neilbeckNeil Says:

    If anyone fancy’s it, I dont mind contacting the organisers to see if they will av’ us.

    Would be looking for 5/6 names before doing so. Stick your name down here please if you would like to give it a go. Thx…Neil

  2. Valerie Says:

    Hi Neil,

    Davie and I could maybe do subject to availability – not planned any hols for then yet but it is a while away.

  3. neilbeck Says:

    ok not much response at the moment. I’ve emailed the organisers anyway and we can decide if they get back to us.

  4. Valerie Says:

    Good idea.

  5. Frances Says:

    I’ll put my name down Neil

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