27th November


Hi All,

This is not an official scratchy event and space is limited so anyone interested please email me valeriemcc@hotmail.co.uk by Friday 11th November and if not enough space for all then I will put names in a hat or something.

It is my birthday and I will officially be old with a zero on the end.

As we have a busy weekend already I decided we will have a party another time.

I am organising a session led by Nigel Gatherer.  230-530pm  at Dram, Woodlands Road.  Sheet music will be provided.

Maybe there will be a hillbilly theme if you want to wear a silly hat or bring a hillbilly joke.

I don’t need any stuff so no need for gifts and cards.  Will put a bucket out for donations to charity on the day.  Oh and if you really are one of those people who is going to buy a card anyway please recycle me one – I will find that fun – and maybe you can put the £ in the charity bucket instead.

Partners welcome if they play or there is a nice creche with wine and whisky just next door.

Also plan to have lunch before the event – sorry not paying for everyones lunch but if anyone wants to meet for lunch c1330 let me know will book us a table – all day breakfast mmmmmmm.




2 Responses to “27th November”

  1. Maureen Smith Says:

    Will be there – with bells on!
    Jingle jangle 🎊
    Mo x

  2. Frances Says:

    Se you there!

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