Successful Day’s Workshop


Yesterday’s workshop at Blawarthill Church was brilliant.  I thought we did very well polishing up some performance ideas.

Here is Jimmy Shands slightly quicker version of Swedish Masquerade  for those who want a reminder of how it goes:

Well done everyone and thank you for being so cooperative and so kind to each other.




9 Responses to “Successful Day’s Workshop”

  1. Frances Says:

    What a great day!!!!! Really enjoyed it.
    Sorry Mel and I stole the show. !!!!!!

    • neilbeck Says:

      You yes, was Mel there? :-(). You;d think he’d at least take off his jacket to dance wouldn’t you. No appologies needed. Thats why I didnt dance, didnt want to upstage anyone.

  2. 1dest Says:

    Thanks for organising the event

    Sent from Outlook


  3. neilbeck Says:

    Great day. Ceilidh’s here we come!

  4. Carol Armour Says:

    Great day, lots of memories for the bank!! Thanks to everyone, especially Valerie and David for organising.

  5. neilbeck Says:

    I’ve just noticed – is that David doing a bit of heel, toe-ing on the dance floor there?

  6. Stevie Says:

    Aye, the sitting doon kind…..

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