Workshop 29th October


Hello All,

We are having a workshop on 29th October at Blawarthill Church Hall


Practicing existing tunes, some with dancing.

Informal and there will be some breaks in proceedings as we ‘demonstrate’ dances and laugh with each other.

We will supply tea, coffee, biscuits and it will be bring your own piece/bring some crisps or other snacks for sharing.

Cost? £1.

More details to follow but please let me know if you want to book a space

Who is in? Valerie, Davie, Stevie, Frances, Sandra, Mel, Mitchell, Ali E, Carolyn M, Catherine, John L, Carol, Alastair, Neil, John S,  Allan S, Alison Sch, Ian Drum, Brian, Finlay C, Frans

Draft Plan v0.1


  1. Gay Gordons

    1. Headlands/Barren Rocks of Aden
    2. Barnyards o Dalgety/Scotland the Brave
    3. A Man’s a Man/Reel of Tullochgorm
    4. Ian Powries Compliments/Flett from Flotta
    5. Angus MacLeod/Teribus/Hopeful Lover
  2. Dashing White Sargeant

    1. Dashing White Sargeant/Colgrave/Spootiskerry/DWS
    2. Flowers of Edinburgh/Soldiers Joy (poss reuse DWS)
    3. Back o Bennachie/Jumping Geordie (poss reuse DWS)
  3. St. Bernards Waltz

    1. Leaving Lismore/Rope Waltz
    2. Farquar and Hettie/Elsey
    3. Stronsay Waltz
  4. Canadian Barn Dance

    1. Boys of Bluehill/Harvest Home
    2. Crossing the Minch
  5. Swedish Masquerade

  6. Polka – John Cliffords/Little Diamond

  7. Virginia Reel – Set includes Yellow Rose of Texas


We will try to have the words available on the day.

  1. Lea rig 3 times straight through
  2. Afton Water 6 times straight thru or can cut a couple of verses
  3. Green Grow the Rashes – 5 times straight through
  4. Ye Banks and Braes – can do 3 times if tell audience first or middle is instrumental
  5. Ca’ the Yowes

Other Tunes to Practice if time allows

  1. Father Angus McDonnell/Braes of Dunvegan
  2. Fairy Dance/Diel Among the Tailors
  3. Other tunes we think we are ‘good’ at – try taping and critique – try count ins and two folk doing intro.

(Cool acronym – Critique Recording And Playback – CRAP ! Sorry couldn’t resist Dave)



4 Responses to “Workshop 29th October”

  1. davidjstrachan Says:

    Added draft plan, Outlining some tunes that we could use for the various dances. Also some songs and more…

  2. davidjstrachan Says:

    I will be bringing P.A. gear along so if anyone wants to bring an instrument / pickup that can be plugged in and played with. Please do.

  3. Frances Says:

    Looking forward to it!!!

  4. 1dest Says:


    I’ll be coming along – hope their is still room


    Sent from Outlook


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