Clanscape, Ben Lomond


We played music at the foot of Ben Lomond on the West Highland Way treating walkers and joggers to our very own brand of traditional music which included the wasp dance, a form of highland fling with a lot of bow flicking.  A variety of ancient skills were demonstrated at the event, with our favourite being home made oatcakes, and broth cooked on the fire at Ardess Lodge, and then scoffed by us! Thanks to Alasdair and the team at Ardess for their kindness and hospitality in particular putting up and taking down the gazebo, which was done in a flash, it was much appreciated. Enjoy the pics below, we had lots of fun. And yes, we all fell for Peppy, the wee cockapoo pictured below. And we raised £40 in donations which will go towards footpath repairs at Ben Lomond.







4 Responses to “Clanscape, Ben Lomond”

  1. neilbeck Says:

    Looks good fun, sorry I missed it. lovely weather
    “Broadsword calling Danny boy” – couple of muskateers there I see.

  2. neilbeck Says:

    Best keep you weapon sheathed Steve boy, looks like you could do a bit of damage with that fellow!

    Is that a phone I see in your pocket….

  3. alanstor Says:

    Is davie cutting stevies heid aff cos of that gay pose ?

  4. Stevie Says:

    That’s my Bonnie Prince Charlie pose…… Is it a phone or am I just pleased……..?

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