AGM Mon 22nd August 615pm Babbity Bowster



Annual Review


We also played a gig on 19th August in the Bull Inn Paisley.

Finances – £1250 balance.  See Money Matters link on right for details.

Planned expenditure – gazebo, projector, hall hire for dance playing practice and testing PA gear, tutored session, wee shaky things, donation to N Gatherer music site.  This money belongs to the group so any suggestions please let the committee know.

Vote to continue group for another year or not – unanimous to run for further year

Committee ‘election’ – re – elected – other members willing to take ad hoc tasks

Practice Venues and Dates – Mon at College and Babbity’s outwith term time, Dram thur once a month, sometimes ad hoc at members houses.  No plans to change at present.

27th August event

Lead tunes – Valerie, Alison, Stevie

Raffle – Alison

Tech – Davie

Breaks – Stevie

Looking for a few more volunteers for 11th September event Near Ben Lomond.

Music book and sets

Still need to tidy tunes, chords, web page.  Davie, Stevie to chat re chords and arrange updates with Niel.  Davie will archive old tunes.  Davie will ask Niel of can share the workload of tune uploads.

New tunes feel free to suggest ideally as  sets and we will put on a wait list of tunes but be aware we do not bulk add tunes as we have some homework to do first on existing tunes.


Suggestion to play at Erskine again.  Stevie will investigate.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the group going.


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