Dram 31/7/17 – GFW Mixed Instrument Classes summer session



The mixed instrument classes are holding a summer session in the Dram, 31th July 2-4pm

They have kindly invited any of us to attend if we fancy a few tunes.

They have also send a tune list which I’ve attached, also gives us an idea of what others are playing, so of some interest.



Mixed instrument Tune List June 2016


8 Responses to “Dram 31/7/17 – GFW Mixed Instrument Classes summer session”

  1. Linda Says:

    Thanks for this Neil. Haven’t managed to Scratchy for a while. Will have a go at some of the tunes on the list.

  2. Frances Says:

    Sounds good Neil. Is there a site whereby we can print out the music?

    • neilbeck Says:

      Francis, just click on the highlighted blue “Mixed Instrument Tune List June 2016” above under my name. It should then open up and you can go to file>print at top LHS of browser. Is this what you mean?

      :0) – You do this deliberately don’t you, try to catch me out with trick questions every time, you rascal 🙂

    • neilbeck Says:

      Sorry, apologies. Ive just realised you probably mean the music which is not Scratchy music. Short answer, is no there isnt unfortunately. But if you type the title into the https://thesession.org/. This should come up with music for most. Hope that helps

  3. Mo Smith Says:

    Hi Neil
    I’d like to come to this if there’s still

    • neilbeck Says:

      Yeah, just show. I’m not running it, but they said we’d be welcome. Dont know if I’ll be there Maureen, but just go along. I’m sure they’ll be people you’ll recognise…Neil

  4. Valerie Says:

    Cheers Niel,

    If it is just show up Davie and I may come along.

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