18th June Muirhead Gala – Small Group


Hello All,

Various venues c1130-5pm with plenty of breaks.  Approx agenda subject to change.

1145 – 1245 Masonic Hall

1245-1345 Lunch (parade and speech outside c1pm)

1400-1430 Chilterns Care Home

1445-1545 Bowling Club

Not expecting to play outside but we might do if it is dry or there is a call off on a stage slot.

Draft  Play List for Muirhead Gala 18th June 2016 – please let me know if you want to suggest additions/amends.  We will probably not play all of these.  Probably focus on slower ones in the morning and do the dancy ones at the Bowling Club.

Who is playing?

Mel(Mandola), Frances, Davie (guitars), Neil, Sandra, Valerie, Ali E (fiddles).


Apols to others who showed interest but we need to keep a smallish group so I have a wait list.


2 Responses to “18th June Muirhead Gala – Small Group”

  1. neilbeck Says:

    Lets do the Tug of War 1:30pm.

  2. Ham and Jam 1st October | Scratchy Noises Says:

    […] We can use the playlist here as a base https://scratchynoises.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/18th-june-muirhead-gala-small-group/ […]

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