Hoodies – Have arrived 29-4-16


The Hoodies have now arrived, you can pick them up at any group night.

The price is £16, please remember to pay and pick the right one up.

David’s taking the monies. Bold indicates paid. Thx.

You can pay by online bank transfer if you like, to Davids or Valeries account. Just email them if done so.



Orders so far:-

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     Wanted                         Ordering

Neil                   F62-208-4      Deep Navy       L          Deep Navy

Maly Bain          F62-062-4      Deep Navy       M         Deep Navy

David                F62-062-4      Any Blue         XL          Deep Navy 

John Shaw       F62-062-4      Deep Navy        L           Deep Navy

Ian                    F62-062-4     Any                   XL         Deep Navy

Mel                   F62-062-4     Any                    L           Deep Navy

Carol                F62-150-0      N/A                   8           Deep Navy

Mo                    F62-150-0      Azure Blue        16        Azure Blue

Sandra             F62-150-0      Azure Blue        14         Deep Navy

Christine          F62-150-0      Burgendy          16        Burgendy

Alison S            F62-150-0      Burgendy          14        Burgendy

Valerie              F62-150-0      Deep Navy        12        Deep Navy

Francis              F62-150-0      Any Blue          10         Deep Navy

Susan Moir       F62-150-0       N/A                  3x?       Azure Blue (14)

Christine McC   F62-118-4       Any Blue          16         Deep Navy

Janice Ross      Any                  Any                  XL         Deep Navy

Alison E            F62-150-0       Burgendy         12         Burgendy

John Lewis      F62-062-4     Any                    L           Deep Navy


We also have some extras should anyone want one :-


Mens :    Deep Navy      Pullover          M

Ladies:   Deep Navy      Zip                 16 (XL)

Ladies:   Deep Navy      Zip (Thick)      16 (XL)

Ladies:   Azure Blue      Zip                  16 (XL)

Ladies:   Azure Blue      Zip                  12 (M)

Ladies:   Maroon           Zip                  14 (L)

Ladies:   Maroon           Zip                  16 (XL)


24 Responses to “Hoodies – Have arrived 29-4-16”

  1. neilbeck Says:

    I’m for F62-208-4 size Large (growing room!).
    Colour – Deep Blue

  2. Carol Says:

    Thanks, Neil – love the colour and design!! My ‘phone doesn’t seem to be behaving, so would you take an order for a hoodie from me, please? Small women’s. Thanks.

    • neilbeck Says:

      I’ll put you down as wanting one – see what the other ladies are preferring as stick you down for same – prob need ur size (ladies size 8?).

  3. alanstor Says:

    Do I have to mug old ladies if I get one ??

  4. Maureen Smith Says:

    Hi Neil
    I like F62-150-0 zipped hoodie would like large. If colour is up for debate I like azure blue if not I’ll go with the flow!😄
    Thank you

    • neilbeck Says:

      Many thanks Maureen, nice to see you got the reply working..easy peasy.

      • Carol Says:

        Hi Neil. Like Maureen, I’ll go with the flow regarding colour…a zipped one would be best for me, but again, I’ll go with the flow!!

  5. Susan Moir Says:

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for including me in this. I would love a Scratchy Noises hoody – F62-150-0 in 3X if possible. I should say though, that I haven’t ever managed along to any of the sessions simply because my progress with the fiddle has been very slow to say the least and I realised that you would all be at a much higher level than me, so can I still have a hoody? I will understand if the answer is no.

    All the very best.

    Su ☺

  6. Sandra Says:

    Hi Neil could I order a zipped hoodie also. I’ll go with the flow regarding colour. Size womens large please. Thanks Sandra

  7. malybain Says:

    Hi Neil. Just confirming our discussion at the last Babbity session. I would be interested in a zipped hoodie F62-062-4 in deep navy size medium. Thanks.

  8. alisononthefiddle Says:

    Hi Neil,
    Think I’ll go for F62-150-0 probably large zipped hoodie. Burgundy would be my pref, would work with a white t-shirt (navy would be too like my work fleece). You’ve given up a lot of time to getting this organised, thank you. Alison

    • neilbeck Says:

      Dont speak too soon, we dont have any yet! Yes, I think burgundy would contrast well with the white characters, That’s why I made the examples in that colour. I’m not too sure about light blue.

  9. Valerie Says:

    Zipped hoodie for me. Prefer blue – any shade – so vote for that if all going for one colour. I will risk a 12 – as it might shrink a bit – better too big than too wee. If I look like orphan annie with the top at my knees that will fit the scratchy theme just fine.

    Davy – blue – extra large, zipped

  10. Maureen Smith Says:

    Hi Neil – am a technical whizz now ! Size 16 please – will let u make an executive decision about colour – they all look good!

  11. christine7499 Says:

    Hi Neil, If it’s not too late, I’d like to order ladies zipped hoodie
    F62-118-4 Azure Blue (or Navy Blue), Size 16, please. Thanks. Christine Mc

  12. Ali2 Says:

    Hi Neil, please can I have a hoodie! will go with whatever is decided but my preference would be burgundy…. F62 150 0 size 12, thanks

  13. Ian Says:

    Hi Neil, can I order a zipped hoodie XL, any colour?

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