Greenbank Christmas Fair


Scratchers braved the elements and Greenbank loch aka the car park, and had fun playing at the Christmas Fair.  Thanks to wee  Callen for being such an enthusiastic supporter! We also squeezed in some Christmas carols amongst our repertoire (after a wee impromptu practice before playing in public). Still can’t quite believe it’s nearly Christmas, it was summer only five minutes ago…..


4 Responses to “Greenbank Christmas Fair”

  1. 1dest Says:

    Alison I think I said I would play at greenback – I completely forgot. sorry to miss it.


    • alisononthefiddle Says:

      No worries Des, sorry you missed it, but hadnt realised you had intended to come along! Another time!


  2. Lisa Grady Says:

    I’m Callan’s mum and loved listening to you all yesterday. Callan is definitely your #1 fan! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all when it comes. See you at Greenbank soon!

  3. alisononthefiddle Says:

    Thank you for your kind comments, Lisa, I’m glad you and Callan enjoyed our music. Hope you both have a lovely Christmas when the time comes. Alison

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