Gig – Rodgerpark Care Home, Rutherglen


Allan Storrie *old Geezer, no hair”, has been asked if he can arrange some music for Rodgerpark care home during Rutherglen Gala day, Sat 8 Aug. It will be for 2 hrs, time to be confirmed.

He is looking to gauge interest, so if you would like to take part, Allan will organise, arrange transport and supply food (well maybe not the last two). Can you register interest here to encourage others and email Allan as well to let him know you’d like to play.  Allan Storrie <>





10 Responses to “Gig – Rodgerpark Care Home, Rutherglen”

  1. alanstor Says:

    Cheers carrotheed, er , I mean Neil . They would like us to play either from 1 till 3 pm or 2 till 4 pm and I’m sure they’ll do tea n sannies . As far as transport is concerned I thought we’d maybe absail through the roof and start with a bang !!

  2. neilbeckNeil Says:

    ‘Virile’ looking Allan, ‘Virile’ looking, sorry, missed a bit out of that description, wondered why you were getting upset!

  3. alanstor Says:

    More like viral ! Anyway just an update . They would like some background music for their open day between 1 and 3 pm . 🙂

  4. Valerie Says:

    Hi Allan,

    David and I could do this. We could also ask Mon night if more want to join in. There is a playlist on the blog from the Muirhead gala day cld use that.

  5. Sandra Says:

    Hi Allan I’m available on 8th!

  6. alanstor Says:

    Brilliant Valerie , Sandra and David . Could we possibly use one of the previous set lists ?

  7. alanstor Says:

    Oops , sorry Valerie , I didn’t read the last part of your post about muirhead playlist . The address is 10 Rodger Drive , Rutherglen , G73 3QZ . We’ll hopefully arrive at approx 12.30 and play from 1 till 3 or 4 with a break for tea n goodies .

  8. Valerie Says:


    So that is Sandra, Allan, Davie, Valerie so far. Not sure if Neil has confirmed. Play list can be used from and we can cut out any we want to ditch/swap who does intros if we all have a look and maybe think about offering to take a few which are currently assigned to folk who wont be there?

  9. John c shaw Says:

    John shaw & Mel Williamson pos Maureen would like to attend

  10. alanstor Says:

    Great !! So that’s Sandra, Allan, Valerie, Davie, John , Mel , and hopefully Maureen and Des ( if the wife lets him oot ) .

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