Tutor Led Practice 8th March


We have booked the Wee Dram, Woodlands Road for Sunday 8th March 1230-1630.

This practice session will incorporate a 2 hour tutor led section focussing on intros, joins and polishing up existing tunes rather than any new tunes.

Please register interest by commenting below or email me at valeriemcc@hotmail.co.uk

Who is going?  Valerie, Davie,Frances, Stevie, Christine, Neil, Carol, Mitchell, Alison E, John O, Allan, Roy, Alistair (guitar), Suzie, your name here…

See post 1st March for more info.


10 Responses to “Tutor Led Practice 8th March”

  1. Frances McCall Says:

    I would like to come Valerie

  2. Christine Says:

    I’ll be there!

  3. neilbeck Says:

    I’d be pleased to have a berth if possible.

  4. Carol Armour Says:

    Love to come on Sunday, 8th March, 2015. Thanks.

  5. malybain Says:

    Please log me in as a possible participant. Thanks.

  6. alisononthefiddle Says:

    Please count me in too.

  7. Ali2 Says:

    and me please

  8. Carol Armour Says:

    Would you please add Alistair’s name for Sunday, 8th March at The Wee Dram. Many thanks. Carol.

  9. alanstor Says:

    Me too if you’ve room please .

  10. Rikki Allton Says:

    Unfortunately I can no longer make this. Looking forward to Monday evening’s get together.

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