The Hill House – Sunday 14 December 2014


Spent an enjoyable morning and early afternoon playing some of our tunes at The Hill House, Helensburgh, at their Christmas event while visitors wandered round the house. Managed to keep a good steady pace, both slow and fast tunes.  Thanks to The Hill House staff and volunteers for looking after us so well. And a thanks from me to two special visitors for their enthusiam for our playing, and for the cinnamon balls!! You know who you are!


3 Responses to “The Hill House – Sunday 14 December 2014”

  1. neilbeck Says:

    I didnt think it was cold at all!
    I was annoyed tho’ that somebody ate that last mince pie I had an eye on.

    Great day out as usual, thank you Alison and scratch purse holder for tea and sandwiches.

  2. Frances Says:

    Great day Alison. Really enjoyed it! Like Neil didn’t notice the cold when I was playing. Hope you enjoyed it too. Lovely venue. Thank you for organising everything.

  3. Carol Says:

    Glad to hear y’all had a good gig yesterday ! Hope you have a fun festive season and 2015 brings all you wish for. See you soon ! x

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