Workshop 30th November


Workshop with Nigel Gatherer.

1030-1600, Crowwood Hotel, Muirhead, Lanarkshire, G69 9BS (note if taking a bus it is not actually the first stop – it is the second stop after the bus leaves the motorway – you will be able to see the Hotel out the bus window as the stop is just after it – if in doubt ask the cheery driver!)

1030-1100 Coffee and Registration

1100-1230 Part 1

1230-1330 Lunch

1330-1430 Part 2

1430-1500 Coffee

1500-1600 Part 3

Advance booking essential.  Please email me to check there is space….and to arrange payment 🙂

Music available via We know most of us already do Booth Shot Lincoln but we thought it would play nicely with the other tunes so the music is included in the party pack so we can play it on the day.

Cost £25.  Includes a two course lunch.

Anyone looking for a lift let me know and I will see if anyone can help you.

To confirm the money we have received so far (last updated 27/11/14 23:11) :-

C. McInnes £25.00
E. Murphy £25.00
A. Elder £25.00
D. Shannon
Alison 1 £50.00
John Verth £25.00
F. Goedkoop £25.00
A. Schreiber £25.00
Stevie Neil £25.00
Alistair Hackston £25.00
David and Valerie. £50.00
Sandra K £25.00
Jean Andrew £25.00
Cath & John Lewis. £50.00
Suzie Johnson £25.00
Maly Bain £25.00
Christine Clark £25.00
Charles Renwick £25.00
Craig £25.00

Paying on the day Tom and Tom.

24 folk including tutor


15 Responses to “Workshop 30th November”

  1. craigmac56 Says:

    Yes thanks count me in Craig

  2. Christine Says:

    Please add my name to list for Nigel’s workshop

  3. maureen braankin Says:

    Hi Valerie, I know I haven’t been down in the Central belt for ages but I would like to come to the  November workshop if that’s OK and there are spaces. Cheers Maureen


  4. malybain Says:

    Hi Valerie.
    Please can you add me to your list for the Workshop.

  5. Alistair Hackston Says:

    Please add me to the list if there is still space available. Alistair

  6. Audrey Todd Says:

    Valerie, is this just for Scratchy Noises members past or present or is it open to outsiders?

  7. Audrey Todd Says:

    Yes, great, Valerie, do that. I might not be able to keep up all the time but I would like to join you to learn a bit more, anyway. Let me know how/when to pay you.

  8. Frans Goedkoop Says:

    Hi Valerie, can you please add my name to the list?

  9. Tom Fernie Says:

    As per promise…book me in. Looking forward to supporting your efforts….music is the food of life….without it life would be a mistake.

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