Scratchy Noises Accounts.


As it is that time of year again where we have our A.G.M. , tonight at Babbity Bowsers 6pm onwards, I decided to set up a live link to the accounts spreadsheet so that members can look at any time to see where we are financially and it is kept updated almost to the minute.

To view the accounts click the link below.

Scratchy Noises Accounts


As some of you may have seen at the end of the night, monday practices, I have taken the money raised, put it in MY wallet and do a money transfer of the same amount, via my mobile to put this directly into a bank account. I then update a spreadsheet on my iPad with the details so I have a double check on what we have. This is backed up automatically to the cloud so it is kept secure and accessible, no need to worry if my iPad was to break we will not loose the data. Since the money is in a bank account now instead of in tubs of small change under the bed, this allows us all to see immediately what we have and also we can make payments to tutors via bank transfer easily.


If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding this data flow please let know or if anyone has a better way of achieving this. Also let me know if you think this live view into the accounts is useful.


David Strachan



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