Committee Meeting – Update


Hi All,

At the committee meeting last night we agreed we would arrange:

  • A day to learn some of the tunes in the book that we have not formally been taught
  • A date to practice with  our amplification gear
  • A tutored session based on American tunes
  • Agreeing chords for some of the tunes that don’t have chords/we want to change the chords on
  • Looking at some new merchandise options

Further new tunes will be considered by the committee (there are so many we need to choose….) We’ll consider ease of learning for less experienced players and making up sets with tunes that are currently ‘stray’ – suggestions can be submitted to committee members.

Practices will continue on Monday’s nights at Stow College and at Babbity Bowster’s when the college is shut and we are trying out some Thursday night practices too.  Practice venues will be reconsidered over the summer.

Any concerns or suggestions please let one of the committee know (see the link on the right for email addresses, comment below or have a chat when you  see us)

Random photo from my window earlier – no musical connection –  just to stop this article being all text – and now it is bright and sunny….

view from window



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4 Responses to “Committee Meeting – Update”

  1. craigmac56 Says:

    Thanks for detail. I would put forward The Tennessee waltz as quite an easy tune but also well known.

  2. mccutchv Says:

    Hi Craig,

    Yes absolutely – in fact a few folk suggested that tune. We might put it on the ‘American’ workshop which we hope to arrange soon.

  3. neilbeck Says:

    bedroom window or living room window?

  4. Valerie Says:

    Office window. I’ve not got a bedroom at work.

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