Potential Burns Gig, Pollok House, Saturday 18 January


Just trying to gauge interest for this as realise Celtic Connections on. Looking for 5/6 fiddlers and 2/3 guitars/other instruments to play background music as guests arrive for a Burns Supper at Pollok House on evening of Saturday 18 January. Please either respond on the blog or email me at alisonschreiber@btinternet.com. Scratchers will also enjoy a Burns Supper too. Interest so far from Valerie, David, Stevie, Mitchell, Allan, Alistair, Sandra, Ali 2, Frances, Des. Further details will follow. Event now full and reserve list in operation.


16 Responses to “Potential Burns Gig, Pollok House, Saturday 18 January”

  1. stevie Says:

    And me

  2. Frances McCall Says:


  3. alanstor Says:


  4. malybain Says:

    I have an interest in this too.

  5. Alistair Hackston Says:

    Happy to be added to the list of fiddle players. Afternoon, or evening? Alistair H.

    Sent from my iPad


    • alisononthefiddle Says:

      Hi Alistair, that’s great you can come along. The event is in the evening. Once I know a bit more detail, I’ll let everyone know.


  6. Sandra Says:

    I’m interested also!

  7. Ali 2 Says:

    me too

  8. Roy Says:

    Put me down please

    • alisononthefiddle Says:

      Thanks Roy, unfortunately the gig is full, but I’ll put you down on the reserve list at the moment, and if someone drops out I’ll let you know.


  9. Carol Says:

    I’d love to be part of this gig. Haven’t been able to get online for a week, so hope I’m not too late. Thanks.

    • alisononthefiddle Says:

      Hi Carol, sadly the event is full at the moment but if any fiddles drop out I’ll let you know as soon as. A


  10. Carol Says:

    Thanks, Alison. Disappointed, but I’ll keep the gig date free, just in case. If I don’t get to play, have a great gig !! Carol.

  11. Carol Says:

    Re Alison’s e-mail, which I’ve just read (Friday). Does anyone have fingering positions for our Tune Book ? I left home yesterday with only the music/finger positions for the Burns gig playlist which Stevie sent us. I didn’t know when I left home yesterday, about the wee session during dinner. Thanks in anticipation…

    • alisononthefiddle Says:

      Apologies Carol, it was just a last minute idea. It will just be an informal session for yourselves and most of the tunes hopefully you’ll probably know. I’m sure if anyone has finger positions they will be happy to share. The main thing is just to relax and enjoy yourself. Have a great time, really sorry I’m missing it!


  12. Carol Says:

    Hi Alison. Absolutely no need to apologise !! I definitely will enjoy it anyway. Yes, I’m sorry you’re missing it too, you will be missed. Hope to see you soon. x

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