George Square 28th Dec


28th Xmas Scratchy Noises

Thanks for the people who have added their name to the list, we probably have enough now, but if you still want to come along, just add your name in the comments below, all welcome, even if we dont know you as yet. Feel free to participate and get a chance to play a few tunes in public.

Unless I receive different instructions we are on 2:30-3:30pm, so we will probably meet in George Square around 2:15pm

Players, so far we have: –

Steve, Alison E, Frances, Craig, Linda, Ian (Bohhran), Roy and myself

We will probably stick to the tunes below or just make it up as we go along as we usually do đŸ™‚

1_Rocking the Baby SET

2_Colgrave Sound, Spootiskerry SET

3_The Ale is Dear SET

4_Glenside SET

5_Thistle of Scotland SET

6_Calumns Rd, Hut on Staffin Island SET

7_Fear a Phige, Ooovie Avie SET


5 Responses to “George Square 28th Dec”

  1. Ian (Bodhran) Says:

    I’m free!

  2. neilbeck Says:

    Good man, promise of the beer?

  3. Linda Says:

    I hope to come along on 28th.

  4. Ian (Bodhran) Says:

    You know me too well!

  5. Roy Says:

    Hi all.
    looks like i will be available
    Roy ( Box)

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