Christmas Fair Tue 17th December


Hi All,

I have the following down to play at the University of Glasgow library on Tue:

Neil, Craig, Valerie, Maureen, Frances, Ian, Roy, Carol, Tom,  Des, Leon

Play list here:


The latest info I have is for us to play 5pm to 6pm but there is a raffle so we would not play for an hour continuous.  Also this might change….!

Suggest unless you hear otherwise you aim to be there about 4.30pm.  You can have a browse at the stalls or listen to the choir if we need to hang about.

The main entrance is at Hillhead Street.

From my local contact:

I’ve sent an email to the attendants regarding the fair on Tuesday asking them to give access to anyone who says they’re here for the fair and to direct them to level 3.  We were thinking the near staircase leading up to the Rest & Be Thoughtful on level 4 would be a good place to have our live musicians.  I had thought a bucket would be a good idea and we’ll have on for you, we have some small Alzheimer Scotland flags that we can decorate it with. We can provide chairs for you if you want or if some folk would rather stand when playing we’ll go with whatever suits, let me know and I’ll make sure chairs are available (I’ve asked for some chairs).

The committee be in setting the area up from 2.00 then the stall holders can get in to get their stalls organised from 3.00


One Response to “Christmas Fair Tue 17th December”

  1. Carol Says:

    Really enjoyed this gig, and nice to be involved in raising money for Alzheimer’s. Thanks, Valerie.

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