Practice Fri 27th September


Hi All,

Booked Woodside Hall, 36 Glenfarg Street, Glasgow G20 7QF  Tel: 0141353376

(Lesser Hall) for Friday 7.30-9.30pm.  Use the side entrance on Clarendon Street and go upstairs.   Please be quiet on entry as there is a show downstairs – I checked and re-checked and they said we’d be sufficiently far away not to disturb the show once we are in the hall.

Parking on street nearby but of course there is a show on so you might need to walk a wee bit further.

If we all put a few pounds in that will cover the cost.

All welcome – the following on the list so far – Valerie, Neil, Iain, Ian, Tom, Des, Carol, Alison E, Alison S

Note we cannot plug any kit/amplifiers in this time – they need a PAT certificate for anything used….will cross that bridge if we use the venue again.


4 Responses to “Practice Fri 27th September”

  1. Says:

    Hi – still not sure if able to make this so will remain non-commital 4 now. If anyone needs a copy of new Tunebook my better half can get it double sided + bound for £4.30 – just let me know. Mo
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  2. Carol Says:

    Hi. Like Mo, I have to remain ‘non-committed’ at the moment. If I don’t make it, hope it goes well and see you at the Workshop next Saturday.Carol.

  3. Neil Says:

    Good venue, particularly enjoyed seeing the scantly clad troupe of females roaming the corridors on the way out. Think they were doing a show next door, but unsure?

  4. Neil Says:

    I think there was some lads with their shirts off as well, but didnt really notice them, Maureen walked into a wall!

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