Two Gigs, one possible and the other definite


Sunday 27 October, possible Halloween event at Holmwood House, Cathcart. Event has still to be confirmed but thought I would check interest in this first. Looking for about 10 folk, maybe about 6 fiddles and 4 other instruments for this one. It will require you to dress up to scare the visitors. Further details to follow.

Sunday 17 November, Christmas Fair at Greenbank 11-5. Looking for 4/5 fiddles and or 2/3 rhythm instruments. Again, just checking interest.

Please either notify your interest on the blog or email me at


4 Responses to “Two Gigs, one possible and the other definite”

  1. Carol Says:

    Hi Alison. I think I let you know by text last week (?) to please put me down for both events i.e. Holmwood House and Greenbank House. Thanks lots. Carol. x

  2. neilbeck Says:

    Hi Alison, Stick me down for the Greenbank event will you, I’ll wait until you see numbers interested before confirming the other, give others a chance to play.


  3. Valerie Says:

    Hi Alison, Davie and I interested and flexible acc to numbers etc. Valerie

  4. Frances Says:

    Interested too!

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