Threave Gig, Sunday 28 July


Had a great day at Threave today. We played our music in the Visitor Centre entertaining visitors on arrival and in the restaurant as they munched their way through the lovely food provided by the Threave catering team. Our playing helped by excellent acoustics sounded strong and more confident and feedback received so far has been extremely positive. Outside in the sun on the verandah, we enjoyed an excellent lunch along with some delicious cakes which gave us the sugar rush to keep on playing! All in all a most enjoyable day and thanks to the team at Threave for their warm welcome and hospitality.



3 Responses to “Threave Gig, Sunday 28 July”

  1. ali2 Says:

    thanks Alison, great day!

  2. neilbeck Says:

    Nice pic, a few happy smiles. Francis – your eyes are looking a bit ‘blurry’ and ‘unfocused’, and I noticed your intros were a little slow today, do you perchance have a cheeky wee refreshment in that guitar case of yours your keeping quiet about? If you have, share it please! 🙂

  3. Frances Says:

    Ok I own up! Will share next time. Promise!
    What a great day! And didn’t we do well?
    Felt like a pro.. Well for a couple of minutes.
    Thanks Alison.

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