Birdie Noises


How brilliant was the workshop last night?

Thanks all for participating and to Trish and her assistants for helping us try this tune which we have never played before  AND some  techniques some folk had never tried before.

Vivaldi Four Seasons

Vivaldi Four Seasons

Here is a recording of the first take – yes we do need to PRACTICE……. but it was great fun and will be just as much fun to practice I am sure.

Music will go on the tunes page shortly.

Next practice Monday 22nd July at Hillhead Sports Club 7pm.


4 Responses to “Birdie Noises”

  1. DOUGLAS Says:

    Hi Valerie a great night -sweaty-but great thanks for organising it Douglas


  2. neilbeck Says:

    Just had a wee listen to the recording – quite impressed!
    Sorry I missed it…..Neil

  3. John Lewis Says:

    Hi Valerie Yes Catherine & I enjoyed it very much, glad we cut short our break by a couple of days to get to it.
    Recently the pair of us were trying to accompany a friend with guitar he was singing popular eg Beatles stuff, some tuition in this area might be fun. Also I would like to try Country Western some time but would deffinetly like more of that classical stuff.We consider it great value for money. Thanks for taking time and organising such events. John

  4. Carrie Says:

    Really enjoyed being a part of this classical session. Tricia did a fantastic job in organising all the different sections which is no mean feat. Think everyone had a lot of fun and l would definately do it again, either something new or to revise the work in progress. Thanks to Valerie for making it happen, and to Tricia and her helpers.

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