Practice Update 17th June 2013


Thought we sounded pretty good tonight.  Timing was really good except for a few areas (third part of High Road to Linton had a few racers in it….)

Iain did a brilliant intro to Scarce o Tatties – sounded very professional great timing and fantastic intonation and I thought we played the tune very well.

Helped incredibly that we could hear the guitars.

We dug out a few tunes we’ve not played for a while including Bulgarian Red, Lisnagun, and Louis Waltz.

Next week we will revisit the Burns tunes we did at our last workshop with Nigel Gatherer so dig out our Afton Water, Whistle O’er the Lave O’t, Grant’s Rant, Ca’ The Ewes, Salt Fish and Dumplings and John Anderson, My Jo and we will give them a go.

These have not made their way onto the tunes page yet (if anyone has time to do this please feel free) but I have a number of paper copies of the chords, tune, and the finger positions I will bring to hand out to those who do not have them.

All  welcome any instrument 7-9pm Monday 24th June at Hillhead Sports Club.


One Response to “Practice Update 17th June 2013”

  1. Frances Says:

    See you there

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